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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 20 kwietnia 2008 at 19:59:24

Artist: Pixel Studio
Title: Gravity
BPM: 87,18
Filesize: 903kb
Play Time: 00:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. Balrog (0,89 stars, 58 notes)
  2. Monster X (2,37 stars, 72 notes)
  3. Core (3,63 stars, 99 notes)
  4. Ballos (4,41 stars, 132 notes)
  5. ZOMGWTF (4,81 stars, 109 notes)
Download: Pixel Studio - Gravity
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
So here you are, Gravity (bossfight theme) from CAVE STORY!! I think its good, post your suggestions as always.
Nah, just added some lulz.
EVEN MOAR LULZ, including HUUUUEG notes on Balrog.
ZOMGWTF is remade nao.
I thought the timing was off, and can't help but FEEL the timing is isn't? Aha! Offset's a bit early, I think. How's 1,335 sound to you? Or, for the sake of lulz, 1,337 sounds just as good.

(using 1337 offset)

41:94 - placed it in the wrong spot. Move it to be beside #4, because between 5 and 6 is where the timing gap is.

44:86 - why is this note missing?

After Pylon Trap Balls I was expecting some sort of horrible slight unto the gods but I got this instead. It's very close to acceptable in my opinion.
Balrog - Huzzah! Notes are a lil small. Slider velocity's higher than I'd care for. Watch the spinner at 00:35:74 - newbies need more time to go from spinning a spinner back into note streams.More breathing room before next note pls. 00:43:33 (3) - space this slider a lil farther from the other note. 00:43:66 (1,2,3) - place these a lil closer together.

Monster X - Nothing terribly terrible jumped out at me, here.

Core - Notes are a lil small, considering core's size and all. Level 'em up once I guess.

Ballos - 00:42:62 (7) and 00:44:69 (8) - feels like you could do more with these sliders. Maybe remove em, split em apart. Add more beats.

ZOMGWTF - Zeus, O, my God: What's this foolishness? It's just Ballos with a slider tweak ;x
k gj fixin thingses I bubble'd.

Still a bit iffy on the actual presence of ZOMGWTF (It can't be named something better?) but the other four difficulties are pretty solid.
Bumping the oldest possible thread because it's FUCKING POSSIBLE TO HARDROCK THIS

sorry guys move on

Blue Dragon wrote:

Bumping the oldest possible thread because it's FUCKING POSSIBLE TO HARDROCK THIS

sorry guys move on
Holy crap, man! That's ShaggoN material right there o__o
Raging Bull
That's some necro. >_>

Raging Bull wrote:

That's some necro. >_>
It's not stupid necro when you revive it for a reason instead of "I'm Big Big map Fan! Yeah!! I'm Big Big Map!"
Let's necro this again.

+30ms feels a lot better...
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