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Hi! Welcome to the Triangle Workshop!. Please read my last post to see what's open. I'm no longer a BN, but if your map really impresses me I can poke some people.

MP3 Extension / TV-Size cut

  1. I can edit your mp3 to make it over 5 minutes long. Generally speaking, it's better if your song is close to 5 minutes (4:55 for example) but I've been able to extend 4:15 songs to 5 minutes.
  2. I can also cut your song down to an approximately 90 second version.
  3. Please provide me a .osz with a timed high-quality version of your song (320kbps etc...). I will convert it to 192 kbps for you upon completing the edit.
  4. You can PM me if you don't want people to know the song has been edited to be over 5 minutes. I will not tell anyone, don't worry ;).
  5. There are some songs where extension to 5 minutes just will not be possible without a very poor crossfade. I highly recommend picking another song, or making a tv-size version instead.

Rhythm-structure Collab GD

  1. I can map all the rhythms of a song for you if you are having problems with rhythms.
  2. Essentially the map will look like: this. I will only be concerned with rhythm, and you'll move all the objects into place in your own time.
  3. I can guarantee a rhythm choice that is 100% high quality. You can also request if you'd prefer an instrumental focus, or a vocal rhythm focus. If not, I'll pick whichever sounds better.
  4. Please put my name in tags and call it a collab as I can help assist you with other areas of the map too if you have questions / issues during the modding phase.

GD Queue

  1. If you want me to make a GD for you.
  2. Link me your map and what difficulty you are looking for (Star rating etc...)
  3. Also tell me if you need me to hitsound it, or if I can copy your hitsounds.
  4. I highly prefer songs that are 2:00 and under.
  5. Please do not call me for mods until you have at least 4+ pending mods for my difficulty, or a BN is interested in nominating. Whichever comes first. (If there are 2 mods on my map and a BN is interested, contact me).

Light Modding

  1. Short mods.
  2. This queue is closed, unless I specify that it is open on my last post.
  3. Simply provide a link to your map when you post.

Mod for Mod

  1. Please post a placeholder on the forum to reserve a slot. Also, link your map, either in your placeholder, or after you finish modding!
  2. Please check the last post for additional instructions / requirements.
  3. If you do not post in my queue to reserve a slot, you will not receive a mod.
  4. If your map's quality is amazingly good, I can poke some BN's.
so, assuming this is open...

Thanks!! (> w <)
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NM Closed for now! 3 Accepted.

Setz - done
[ Nyx ]
Hey M4M!

Heres my mod: p/3655277#p3655277

My map: Mami Kawada - Joint

Hi~~for M4M
needs help here
and my mod: p/3679431#p3679431

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Open. *Not first come first serve, take your time*

Accepting 3-5 NM's depending on how many good songs I get :D

Will close this in 8 hours (Going to sleep zzzz oyasumi~)
Mod req plz~
Thx a lot and oyasumi~~ :)
t/278779 nm thanks!
not sure this song is good or bad 'w' well let's try tho...

thanks in advance
ouuh, NM please? ovo
Thanks! >w<
Hey there NM thanks!
idk you will love this song or not?

I'll try...

Thanks! and have a good dream :3
Hello, NM please

Hello, looking for a NM!

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