osu! Singapore Summer Tournament 2015 [MathClass Wins!]

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Welcome to osu! Singapore Summer Tournament 2015!

Welcome to SG's summer 2015 tournament. This is an osu! standard competition held in 1v1.


Organizer - [ Evil ]
Co-organizer - Clyine
Referees - [ Evil ] | Clyine | Rtyzen | tokaku | Dumii | Katziezi | Reign- | neonat | He Ang Erika | [MY] yummy90 XP | TheRevolutionz
Map pool selectors - [ Evil ] | Clyine | Dumii
Graphics - [ Nana ] | handsome
Streamers - Plaatinum | PortalLife | Chippy | [ Evil ]
Commentators - PortalLife | Chippy | [ Evil ] | Plaatinum
For people wishing to help out, the timezone in Singapore is UTC/GMT + 8



If you wish to participate, PM Clyine or [ Evil ].


Tournament Timetable
Losers bracket & Finals
Registration deadline: 7th February
Seeding day: 8th February
Group stages: 14-15th February
Round 1: 21-22 February
Round 2: 28 February - 1 March
Quarter finals: 7-8 March
Losers Bracket round 1: 14-15 March
Semi-finals: 14-15 March
Losers Bracket round 2: 21-22 March
Finals: 21-22 March
Losers Bracket Finals: 23-24 March
Grand finals: 28-29 March


Group Stage

  • 1. Please Arrive 15mins before your allocated timeslot. Failure to do so will result in Disqualification.
    2. There will be no warm-up maps during Group Stages. Please do your own warm-up before your matches.
    3. It will be a 1v1 Double elimination bracket within each group. The last 4 remaining will proceed to the next round. Additional Details are below.
    4. A referee will invite you to a room during your specified timeslot.
    5. Players will be asked to do a !roll command to determine who has the first pick.

Match Style

  • 1. Players are arranged into a tournament bracket as shown in the example above.
    2. Players that make it to Match I & R proceeds to the next round.
    3. During the Specified timeslot, Referees would create rooms for Match A, B, D and F.
    4. After all 4 matches are completed, the referees would create rooms for Match C, E, L and M. And would invite players based on the results of the previous matches.
    4*. At this point, Winners of Match D and F will not have an opponent. They are to wait for Match C, E, L and M to be completed.
    5. Match G, H, N and O will be created after.
    6. At this point, Players at made it to Match I will proceed to the next round. Match P and Q will be created to determine which 2 remaining players proceed to the next round.
    7*****. In the event where your opponent does not show up, you will win the said match by Default.
    7*****. The order matches are created will not be changed for the sake of simplicity. If you have no opponents, please wait till other matches are complete.

•The tournament is Singapore based, but anyone can join. (Global)
•As the tournament is Singapore based, matches will be held in UTC/GMT +8.
•Staff are allowed to play, except for map pool selectors.
•There will be a losers bracket
•There will be 4 maps for each (HR,HD,DT,Freemod) and 5 maps for Nomod and 1 tiebreaker.
•The tiebreaker is a freemod.
•This is a 1v1 elimination tournament.
•There is no limit on how many players can join
•During group stages, only 2 from each group may move on to round 1.
•From Round 1 onwards, it will be 16/32 players depending on the amount of people that have joined.
•If a player fails to show up for a match after 15 minutes, the player will be disqualified.
•If a player cannot play on a date for whatever reason, he may proceed for another time slot within the dates, or in the week if the group/opponent agrees.
•Warm-up maps are available after group stages.
•First round to second round will be Best of 7, 4 points will win the match.
•Quarter finals to Semi-finals will be Best of 9, 5 points will win the match.
•Finals and grand finals will be a Best of 11, 6 points will win the match.
•You may stream, but at your own risk of lag etc.
•If a player disconnects from the game, a regame will be offered. Ragequitters/quits will forfeit that map. This is relating to genuine internet disconnects/cuts/failures.
•The match will be created by a referee, and two players will be invited into the match.
•The referee cannot play.
•A !roll will be used to decide who gets the first map pick.
•Referees will take the MP link and post on this thread.
•Game mode is head to head
•If a player fails, his score will not be counted. However, if he revives, the score will be counted.
•Matches will be locked and invite only.
•In a freemod pick, multiple mods (HDHR) are allowed. DT is not allowed.
•During the match, the referee will hold the host all the time. Players will state the map in the #multiplayer match and the referee will select it.
•For warm-ups, players will have to link the map in the #multiplayer chat and the referee will pick it.
•No cheating.



2. Jann
3. Marika
4. konawiki
1. Gatyaa420
South Korea
1. MathClass
United States
1. [Toy]
2. Chippy
3. KevEz
4. -Soba-
5. charburg
6. [ Piyori ]
7. Terrmmy
8. Low Low
9. Kui
United Kingdom
1. Zweihander-
2. [ Bub ]
1. tryaway
1. Keirun
2. kleptO
1. Astar
2. Bass
1. Jintai
2. Ciao
3. volrun
1. InoriYuukoYuno
1. _index
1. domender12

Map Pool

daisan - -+ [Extra] by RikiH_
Akiyama Uni - The Grimoire of Alice [Extra] by Hollow Wings
Renard - Terminal [Extra] by nold_1702
t+pazolite - cheatreal [Extra] by caren_sk
Sharlo & yealina - Kakushigoto [RLC's Extra] by Sharlo
a_hisa - Cheshire,s dance [Another] by Muya
Eagle - S!ck [Extreme] by tsuka
Hanatan - Airman ga Taosenai (SOUND HOLIC Ver.) [CRN's Extra] by Natsu
Hatsune Miku - No,39 [0108 Style] by val0108
Hanatan - Tengaku [Howl] by Kihhou
HujuniseikouyuuP - Sayonara Lechenaultia [Lechenaultia] by qq944364487
Qrispy Joybox - snow prism [Extreme] by ktgster
Function Phantom - Neuronecia [Ethereal] by Amamiya Yuko
kemu - Ikasama Life Game [Joker] by a3272509123
Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Rave-up Tonight [Extra] by lightr
O-Life Japan - Yakujinsama no Couple Dance [Lunatic] by AngelHoney
senya - Akatsuki no Suiheisen ni [Catharsis] by Satellite
yuikonnu - AOI-IRO STEP [Skystar's Extra] by Fycho
Yukarinyan - Lolicon de Yokatta~ [Rorikon!] by Awaken
Natsume Chiaki - Hikarakuyo [Okayu's Extra] by rinsukir
ClariS - Colorful [Insane] by CloudSplash16
Owl City - Gold [Insane] by Frostmourne
S.S.H. - The Decisive Battle with the Fugitives [wkyik's Extra] by sjoy

Himeringo - Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku [Winber1's Exteme] by RLC
IA - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story [108] by NatsumeRin
EZFG - Hurting for a very hurtful pain [Dance] by tutuhaha
Yooh - snow storm -euphoria- [EUPHORIA] by ktgster
Shounen Radio - neu [Platinum] by Philippines
void feat. Komatsuna - Akatsuki no Tsuki [Extra] by Cherry Blossom
LeaF - Calamity Fortune [Extra] by Flower
ginkiha - EOS [Lycosis] by alacat
Maffalda - pensamento tipico de esquerda caviar [Gangsta] by Blue Dragon
HujuniseikouyuuP - MISTAKE [Ms. 0108] by val0108
ETIA. - Claiomh Solais [Eternal] by Zare
DJ TOTTO feat. Sunao Yoshikawa - Arousing [HW's Extra] by fanzhen0019
a_hisa - Fanatiker der Liebe [Extra] by Minakami Yuki
nano - Now or Never [Never] by tutuhaha
Nanahira - Fukkura Fuwaama Cake [Collab] by cRyo[iceeicee]
Shano x 40mP - Kiritorisen [Insane] by Frostmourne
eyelis - Mirai e Tobira (OVA EDIT) [Insane] by Kawaiwkyik
Yooh - Dynasty [INFINITE] by Sylith
Comp - Gensou no Satellite [Extra] by Shinxyn
Neru - Ningen Shikkaku [Posthumous] by nold_1702
Cres - End Time [eXtra] by Maddy
FujuniseikouyuuP - FREEDMAN [iyasine] by val0108
Natsume Chiaki - Hanairo Biyori [Awaken's Challenge] by rinsukir
Wotamin - Gigantic O.T.N [S.S] by Star Stream
8284 vs wa. - Adularescence [Extra] by Cherry Blossom
44teru-k remixed wa. - Higanbana Daini -Shuusei no Lycoris- [Fear] by Fear
Rohi - Kodoku Egoism [Skystar] by NatsumeRin
Ryu* Vs. L.E.D.-G - PARADISE LOST [Another] by Katty Pie
ETIA. - Enkan no Kotowari [Another] by Rein0527
Yousei Teikoku - Wahrheit [Relevation] by Giralda
yuikonnu - Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku o [Insane] by Fycho
Starving Trancer - New Gravity [Expert] by fanzhen0019
a_hisa - Magic Logic Labyrinth [Another] by Muya
Akiakane - FlashBack [Insane] by Kiiwa
IOSYS feat. NJK Record - Miracle-Hinacle [Insane] by Hinacle
Chata - Festa! [Insane] by Melophobia
Kozato - 45nen no Yukizakura [Another] by LoliSora
Tsunamaru - Give no fuck (Gin no Fluch) [Insane] by HelloSCV
DystopiaGround - AugoEidEs [Nao] by Amamiya Yuko
Download the Map Pool here!

Megpoid GUMI - Silver Bullet [Rin] by NatsumeRin
senya - Nagori Tori [Collab] by Momovely
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful [Shiro's Insane] by neonat
Dimrain47 - Midnight Siege [Epic] by Kyoshiro
Tama - Saigetsu (Midnight Moon Walker Remix) [Lunatic] by AmamiyaYuko
Tatsh - HEAVENLY MOON [Extreme] by Gabi
Zips - True Kanjou Kesson [Emotion] by Natsu
Ceui - COLORFUL DAYS!! [Insane] by SamiPale
M2U - Nightmare [MX] by Kloyd
Ranko - Sei Natsu [Lunatic] by Amamiya Yuko
Kawada Mami - Serment [Insane] by Zero__wind
MYTK - Yggdrasil [INFINITE] by P o M u T a
paraoka - Dreadnought [Insane] by Star Stream
IOSYS - Power of Dream (Night Fever Refix) [Power of Stream] by Kite
P*Light - BUBBLE RAVER [INFINITE] by Asphyxia
Tristam - Till it's Over [Ultra Hard] by [Luanny]
Download the Map Pool here!
Toyosaki Aki - Diamond [Insane] by Fycho
yuikonnu - Hatsukoi no Ehon [Insane] by litoluna
Blackhole - Lagomorphic [Lagomorph] by happy623
ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Mami Mami Zone [0108] by Mixagji
Furries in a Blender - Ridorii [Insane] by -Lennox-
Truxton - SHOTGUN JUGGLE [Extra] by P o M u T a
Traktion - Mission ASCII [Another] by galvenize
Toyosaki Aki - MORE&MORE [Insane] by Fycho
FELT - Prayer Blue [Lunatic] by Frostmourne
Dormir - Sayonara Trip [Extreme] by BakaHuang
RAMM ni Haiyoru Kuuko-san to Kuune-san - Sister, Friend, Lover [JauiPakyin] by JauiPakyin
Nobunaga - Shinkai Shoujo [Insane] by gowww
nora2r - B.B.K.K.B.K.K [Another] by rezoons
Neru - Idola no Circus [Skystar] by Amamiya Yuko
nano - Nevereverland [Insane] by Nyquill
Memme - NEW Astronomas [Extra] by Charles445

Map Pool

1st place prize: Profile badge (MathClass)

2nd place prize: 3 months supporter (Tokichii)
3rd place prize: 2 month supporter(_index)


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PortalLife wrote:

any rank limit ?

sebasuchan wrote:

any rank limit ?
I don't think so. It's a 'join at your own risk' tournament.
Te Amo
considering how it says singapore summer tournament, I assume you have to be from Singapore to actually participate, or...
Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiii
He Ang CTB
I thought it's always summer here in Singapore o3o

nope its definitely winter now. just checked.

Clyine wrote:

nope its definitely winter now. just checked.
It's definitely winter. The temperature is currently at 27°C, one of the lowest during this entire year

Tatch wrote:

Clyine wrote:

nope its definitely winter now. just checked.
It's definitely winter. The temperature is currently at 27°C, one of the lowest during this entire year
im fucking freezing
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handsome wrote:

Tatch wrote:

It's definitely winter. The temperature is currently at 27°C, one of the lowest during this entire year
im fucking freezing
its winter all year round in singapore :(

[ Evil ] wrote:

handsome wrote:


It's definitely winter. The temperature is currently at 27°C, one of the lowest during this entire year
im fucking freezing

its winter all year round in singapore :(
and summer at the same time
fite mi handsome 1v1 big black
Er how to join the tourny
edit: im blind
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TacoDragon wrote:

Er how to join the tourny
edit: im blind

Have fun =33
Ayy I got yo back on commentary man
Add me up in that
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