[duplicate] Ability to remove one difficulty from a collection

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It's possible to add one difficulty to a collection, it's possible to add an entire mapset to a collection, and it's possible to remove an entire mapset from a collection.
Why is it not possible to remove a single difficulty from a collection if there are multiple difficulties of the mapset to which it belongs in that collection?
If there are only certain difficulties you want, why not only add those? ~ That's what the single difficulty add function is there for...

Unless I'm missing something?
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Well I'd like to be able to quickly move single difficulties from one collection to another. Let's say I want to move difficulty 1 of a mapset with 3 difficulties from collection A to B. To do this, currently, I have to remove all 3 difficulties from collection A (since I can't remove just one difficulty), add difficulty 1 to collection B, difficulty 2 to A, and difficulty 3 to A. So it requires 4 actions. Whereas if I would be able to remove single difficulties it'd take 2 actions: remove difficulty 1 from A, and add difficulty 1 to B.
Aah ~ I see. Fair enough. Personally, I probably wouldn't see myself using this feature that much ~ but I can see that some people might want to do this.

I mean, it isn't like there are any negatives to having it, so I suppose there isn't really a reason why this shouldn't be implemented seeing as it could improve the game experience for some people. :)

Please do a search before posting new topic next time. The title is almost the same =.=
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