Where did your username originate from?

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I just really like char siew ramen.
My name originates from 2 mythology's Ragnar Lothbrok from the vikings and L in the name stands for Lucifer Morningstar ( aka the devil ) .
My username is a combination of "Angelic Layer" (title of a very old anime) and Alisa Bosconovitch (from Tekken since I main her in the game). Somehow, the main character's angel' from the anime (a robot toy) had a very similar design with Alisa then decided I came up with this username.
Mine came from the inspiration of the word joker in german, which means witzbold, and I stuck with that name till I found out that witz was another german word meaning joke, and since my life is a joke, that's why I chose the name Witz.
My addiction to osu
- Sphinx -
Yu-Gi-Oh GX (good old times) the Sphinx deck / monsters
Theinen The Great Sphinx, Andro Sphinx, Sphinx Teleia....
i've had the name Clubby since summer 2015.
i was playing Geometry Dash, and there was this song i really liked, "Clubstep".
so i named myself ClxBStxP

one day i decided to make an account on Geometry Dash but ClxBStxP was taken, so i shortened it down to ClxB, and that was taken as well, so after a bit of thinking, i Added -by and changed the x back to a u and it gave Clubby!

Clubby wrote:

i was playing Geometry Dash
you play gd? i guess i'm not alone.

so you know that girl from arms named Min Min? i changed the M in the 2nd Min to Nin and now i'm minnin for no reason at all
My username is from Ocarina of Time.; I loved that Fire Tunic a lot, so Link+Fire gave me Linkfire. Pretty random I guess.
I was agreeing to something..
from a member of a group of mine
My username is my entire dox, simple
Mixed 2 japan names
from the lofi artist blvk. that's it
Minslime, because… Minecraft 7 years ago ^^'
originally came from Kancolle which means yuudachi, but then I removed yuu and replaced it with poi so it becomes more cuter <3
NGNL:Zero :)
My nickname is in finnish. It means message in a bottle. I tried to make a unique nickname, I was thinking something in English but I decided to choose finnish one. Some people have wondered what my nickname means in the chat.
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