What have you done lately to better yourself?

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Currently trying to control my OCD using internal/external methods (no medication involved)... I hope it works lol

kirueggy wrote:

Currently trying to control my OCD using internal/external methods (no medication involved)... I hope it works lol
Stay strong, it will get better if you keep trying.
i got a new job. finally, after months and months of searching and failing i got a new job. its going upwards again, i am proud of myself. i started working out again - i even changed my eating habits to the better. i'm happy again. i'm able to sleep without worrying. a job solves so many of my problems like feeling bad for living off my parents money - i can finally earn my own money again. everyone is so nice there, they all love my crazy haircolors. i can be myself there, i don't have to change. i am feeling really good and i am really happy.
Given more time to myself.
Started going to the gym again so I can get myself some bulging pecs.
Kept my distance from people who will just make my life miserable again.
Trying to learn how to control myself when it comes to my emotions... I've been handling things really terribly, and I'm getting hurt because of it, so I'm at least trying to keep my distance for now.

And I've finally enrolled as a full-time student (albeit just upgrading courses for now, perhaps a full program this coming winter). I've practically spent the past year as a NEET that would only ever leave the house for her, so it'll be pretty refreshing to finally be back in a classroom and actually doing something with my life.
I ate a pound cake
I took some gummy vitamins, that should better my body in some way.
I got a job
I am a lot better at removing negative people in my life
I am showing no mercy towards people now, since I felt 'bad' even if they was rude to me.
Fixed my sleeping schedule so now instead of waking up at 10 in the night, I get up a proper 9am and sleep before the sun rises again.
'm feeling shy about writing here but i think it's just me

In the past 7-8 months, i actually fucked up my life with skipping school (a friend convinced me about this, we did this for 5 fucking months of school which made me lose the year and need to repeat it) (we also did that because of the teachers, they were pure shit) and thinking about getting a girlfriend.
Those were the worst 7-8 months ever, didn't thought about studying and neglected most of my hobbies (even osu!) and somehow got depressed about it. I felt that i've flushed all my dreams in the toilette, and my friend didn't help with his school skipping and his "hey mate try to get a girlfriend! If you don't do that life would be annoying" (or something like, i'm not a native english speaker)
In the past, i had a girlfriend but didn't last long so i didn't gave a shit since then BUT he kinda forced me to find a crush, and i actually found it (which ALWAYS "ignored" me and still does) And the funny thing is that she is engaged to someone who lives far from my city which made me get worse and lose all the motivation i had.

Today, when i was speaking with her, i thought that all the things i did in the past 7 months were worthless and even if she will not "ignore" me anymore I don't give a shit, I finally took a decision and finally set up some goals for the future!
1)Get really good at school (it will be easier since my friend is in another class)
2)Don't give a shit about this "get a gf" situation. Love is patient
3)Saving up money for buying things that I like, instead of spending them on junk food in the cafeteria
4)Find some really good hobbies that would keep my mind occupied (study comes first obv)

Also i have some very little problems with socializing but first I need to fix crap I did in the past ;_;

chaee wrote:

Fixed my sleeping schedule so now instead of waking up at 10 in the night, I get up a proper 9am and sleep before the sun rises again.
Haha, I did the exact same thing like a week ago. I was getting up between 6 and 8 and sleeping early in the morning.
This might sound sad, but. Played more demetori maps to get better at streaming. kek :(
Took the red pill and started studying people's mind and ways of behaving

DooM wrote:

Took the red pill

markp_cupman wrote:

DooM wrote:

Took the red pill
Das it mane
After 6 years of nothing but; day-in, day-out school & games I decided to start swimming twice-thrice a week for at least 1 1/2 hour, keep myself busy by getting into piano and guitar lessons (twice a week) and studied more so I can get ahead of class and feel less stress.
start working and making money and losing it so worthwhile to talk to strangers and be more confident in myself no matter what others say about me
Plain and simple, broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years, started putting myself first.

Exercising every day, eating as healty as I can afford, letting myself go to sleep when I'm tired and wake up when I feel like, and binging on video games in the mean time LOL.

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