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Gundam v2.0r
by Gritoit
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/odym5 ... m_V2.0.osk
Size: 10 MB

This is a skin Gundam themed skin that retains some elements that help ease game play.

What this Skin Includes
Custom Cursor (high contrast)
Custom Hp Bar with Kyrios Gundam in flight mode
Custom Mod icons
Custom "stars" for easily being able tell at a glance difficulty
Custom miss, 50, 100 and invisible 300s
Custom Ranking Graph
Custom Score and default numbers
Custom Comboburst (4 total from Gundam 00 era)
Custom Ranking Letters
Basicly everything else custom skinned for Standard

Screen Shots

Count Down Numbers



New Cursor / Rank Screen

Song Select

Game play Spinner

Game play Slider (v1.0)

Game play skip

Section Pass (v1.0)

Section Fail (v1.0)

Song Fail (v1.0)

Pause Screen (v1.0)

Options Menu

Thanks for taking the time to check out my skin. Please leave me comments and ideas for improving the skin below.

Feel free to use my elements in other skins if you can just send me a link so I can check out your work. I have a bad habit of collecting way too many skins. :)

v1.1 New Cursor, Brighter Reverse Arrow, New Skip Image to better work around the transparency, Switched skin ini to use version 2.1, Moved around ranking, Removed countdown pics in favor of defaults, Added border on the button-middle, Changed the spinner outer circle to bright orange to allow seeing it better.

v1.2 All Mod Icons for standard skinned, Selection buttons skinned, Removed unneeded files.

v1.3 Skinned Target Practice for future. Removed more unneeded files. Aligned the ranking graph properly.

v1.4 Added New count down numbers.

v1.5 Changed default numbers to same style as count down.

v1.6 Added more combo burst, greatly reduced the size of cursor trail, reduced file sizes as able, fixed aliasing problems on skip button

v2.0 Recolored Kyrios on health bar to be more orange rather than yellow, removed a few unneeded files, fixed a few random pixels I found
Total Downloads
100 by 7-3-14
200 by
400 by
800 by
Just wanted to say that I am nearing the time when this skin will be finished. Please if you have downloaded one of the first few versions check out the newest version. Also make sure to leave me some ideas of things to fix. When I release the final version of the skin in a few days to a week I want it to be as complete and well done as possible. Currently on my to do list is countdown images and more combo burst.
nice specially on selection mode etc. :D

-makoto yuki wrote:

nice specially on selection mode etc. :D
Thanks glad to hear you like it. I should have it done by Monday or Tuesday if you are interested in getting the final version.
Just posted my final test build of the skin. I will leave this build up till the end of the week and then if everything is good and I see no complaints, suggestions or ideas I will look to have it moved to the completed skins section. Thanks to everyone who DLed the test versions (almost 100 total DLs) please make sure to comment now though as I want the skin to be truly complete by the end of this week.
The release version is now done. Hope everyone enjoys the skin. For now I am moving on to work more on Clean Play and maybe a new project. Unless anyone finds any new problems with this skin I am most likely done on it. If you do find anything for me to fix just leave me a comment here. Thanks to everyone who downloaded all my many test versions.
T_T Beautiful
hi me cursor skin help me plase dowload why is they dowload plase ? Link >>
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