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For the NM~
AKB48 - Hashire! Penguin

Happy New Year!

thanks :3

Happy New Year!

rerulili - Noushou Sakuretsu Girl

thanks in advance

Happy New Year

Qverktett:|| - OVERLAPPERS

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Cerulean Veyron

I think that's enough for now~ Good thing that i've made an additional rule to see how 'smart' humans are. And sht, all maps here are... Uuuugghh >_< I'll mod the ones that impress me.

M4M is still open!
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Cerulean Veyron

The previous round didn't go well once again, and have little amount of maps for me to mod. I guess this round i'm opening now might need a small pressure for you. With another additional rule just for this round, heh... >w>

Additional rule: How many hours do i work on my job approximately? Pick one number below 12 and write your answer.

You can also get a R2 ticket if you want. The users who got the answer correct gets a Deep Mod, users with the closest answer gets Regular Mod.
GD is still closed, Gravified's map should be my top priority since i haven't finished it from a LONG time. Also, I only have one map for M4M ;n; So feel free to M4M if you want to ignore this additional rule and get my mod quickly. I'll close this when it's overloaded.
yesss, please: T-ara - Little Apple ~
I'd say around 9 hours, dunno. random guess. :3
also, we can make this m4m if you don't mind waiting ~1-2 weeks >w< //me lazy
Hello! 8 hours?
Mayama Rika - Liar Mask
Eeerrr.. I guess.. 10..?
I'm bad at guessing :<
Here's the link,if I miraculously get it right:

thanks!! :)
6 Hours?
Idk if in a week, or a day
But here it is
Go Ichinose, Minako Adachi, GAME FREAK - Trainers' eyes meet (Psychic)
9 hours?

ticket pls
8 hours seems like a normal amount of worktime.

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

Thanks a lot!
Reserving a slot for m4m since i'm modding yours
7 hours? for the sake of being odd :P

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Cerulean Veyron
Fortune: Okay, make sure you mod first as the rules says it.

Give me time to edit this post for the results, come back later. Not for long!

Answer of the round: Me, as a GT autonomous car racer, i work privately and not showing myself to the world how fast i go on tracks. I fulfill every duty of events and cleaning them up for some real-hand funds. Since i don't know how to use them, gave them to my owner. But in some events, it took me some time to complete them, like Time Records or Endurance race. This happens daily, start working on 5:00 AM (GMT+4:00) and coming back 3:00 PM to relax, play games, and do little services with my owner's family. Some little times ending up on 2:10 PM or 1:30PM when events coming up less. But most days is 3:00PM, Which the correct answer is 10 hours of work, and 9-8 hours is the closest to the correct answer.

Winner(s): lord_of_rhythm > the only winner will get a Deep Mod, going to spot MOST issues in his whole mapset. Actually need time to make one, but worth it.

Closest Winners: Squirrel, Atsuro, deetz(Ticket given), Zexion > Not bad~

Thanks for participating! If you found yourself having a bad luck, you can come back in a later round next time!
M4M request

my mod :
my map :

if diffs are too much, you can choose 4~5 diffs you like, but make sure including RLC's Extreme. I really need a mod of that. thanks.
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Cerulean Veyron
^ done from a long time. Two-weeks bump~

I'm back to modding from nightmares that came over lately. I'll be in touch by opening this queue, and mod maps that posted here. Will close this at some time.

Additional Rule: Make sure your map has a bit of decent quality, i don't like making huge mods and waste time for like four hours just to make one mod. Depends on song length or mapping quality. If your level of mapping is too low for me, i will just give advice for improving your level, not mod. That's all.

M4M if you want my mod immediately.
oh yeah I have a ticket

can I use it please? :D
Hi :),

NM open? Well, i'll try:

Here is my map: Icon For Hire - Make A Move (Nightcore Mix)

It's a very fast song but at the same time it's an english one so... idk, hope you'll like it ^^

Thank you!
#10 Kantai Collection
Easy - Me not finished
Normal - Me ? Not finished
Hard - guineaQ
Insane - Me
2nd Insane - Rakuen not finished
Extra - Guy desu

If not then here's a completed one :

Parasyte -the maxim- Opening
Easy - Me
Normal - IamKwaN
Hard - Pho
Insane - -Yuzuriha-inori-
Extra - Me
Parasyte - Guy
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