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Cerulean Veyron

Welcome to the 2000ᵗʰ Modding Queue REVAMP V2

Click the revamped image above for a better view of this post

Going to keep the rules simple and easy to understand, since most users prefer tl;dr version. Well yeah, their laziness always overcome.

  • 1- I can mod Standard and Taiko, don't expect my taiko modding as high quality. probably stopped modding/mapping Taiko due to mutiny.
    2- There will be a game to participate each time the queue opens. Winners will receive a guaranteed mod or a ticket.
    3- Most game rounds are quite easy, just trying to not let everything go hard.
    4- Please, remind me if I haven't fulfill your request, or have forgotten it.
    5- For an equitable conduct, do not give me any songs that are composed by one of the untrusted artists, especially K-pop girls; This doesn't need any further explanation.
    6- I don't trust QAT; Better not to ask why.
Bubble Policy:-
  1. +12 SP, and at least 6 users modded your map(Make sure one of them is experienced at modding).
  2. It is not guaranteed a bubble once I modded you map.
  3. If i think your map is pretty decent, and consisted with style, I'll probably bubble it.
  4. Your map should be 2-3 weeks old, I prefer older than that.
  5. If I starred your map, but didn't state 'recheck', you may need few more mods for improvements.
  6. Don't call me for recheck unless told on my mod.
  7. The bigger amount of difficulties, the lower chance of bubble or icon.
  8. If your map contains other modes than standard or either taiko, this could be harder for me to bubble your map.
  9. New: Lastly, If you have another BN to check your map soon, I will surely NOT going to mod your map.

Qualify Policy:-
  1. Your map meets the Bubble policy.
  2. This is quite difficult for me to decide to qualify your map, I will double-check your map before I can do that.
  3. You can request this ANYTIME, but it's a 50% chance I might accept it.
  4. Please, before requesting this: Make sure your map's metadata is correct, perfectly timed, all custom hitsounds used/no delays, difficulty consistent, and sliders blanket notes correctly.

  • 1- Simply mod one of the listed maps first, then I'll mod yours back.
    2- Has higher priority than a normal mod.

R1 Ticket Holders [ Common ]:-

R2 Ticket Holders [ Uncommon ] :-

R3 Ticket Holders [ Average ] :-

R4 Ticket Holders [ Super ] :-

R5 Ticket Holders [ Ultra ] :-
  • 1- The ticket has five different rarities. Rarity one to Rarity five(R1 to R5).
    2- I prioritize high rarity based on the user's ticket.
    3- The harder the game round, the higher the ticket's rarity.

  • 1- I can map Standard and Taiko.
    2- For STD, I can map from Easy to Insane. And for Taiko, Kantan to Oni.
    3- Don't expect a speed mapping from me.
    4- You can request a collab if you'd like to do one.
    5- I'm capable of mapping Harder diffs, but it'd be a really slow-mapping process.
    6- Don't be afraid using my maps as a sample of my mapping techniques, feel free to check them on your heart's content.
  • 1- Korean Pop: Boy groups/solos are highly preferred. This genre has the greatest priority.

    2- Electronics: Any kind of these are quite fine. Electro-pop, EDM, or other related genres are counted here too.

    3- English Pop/Country: Some songs are fine on this genre, some aren't. So I might be a little picky if your map's song has this genre.

    4- Hardcore/Rock: Something like this one is mostly fine. But I might not accept it if the song is quite intensive or too harpoonic. Btw, this happens rarely.

    5- Dubstep: I'm not denying any of these~ I like dubstep!

    6- Instrumental/Soundtrack: Probably common to some video game maps. It's a half chance I'd reject, or I'd NOT.

    7- Drum 'n' Bass: Last, but not least. There are some good DnB songs nowadays, so it's a very less chance for rejecting them.
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Cerulean Veyron

Making this post into a good use for this thread; For any general problems in beatmaps, I'm ready to take any requests regarding this. Likely an ALWAYS OPEN queue, unless it's exaggerated. This section can ignore the game rounds!

  • 1- This will be available after I've done modding your map.
    2- Please, don't request a recheck within three weeks. If my previous mod passes that, you're free to request this.
    3- You can ignore the above rule if your map is bubbled, or starred by me.
    4- Try not to request this more than twice or threefold. Only if you obey the rules above.

  • 1- I can help you find some suitable custom hitsounds for your map.
    2- You can request a mod for HITSOUNDING. Not similar to a full mod for the whole map.
    3- I can also remove delays and useless silence parts in any custom hitsounds. Can also make hitsounds much audible.
    4- Be careful, I'm a complex hitsounder. I'm not just ridiculously adding claps on 2nd and 4th tick all the time.

  • 1- I can make storyboards for your map, just tell me how the storyboard you want it to appear, and I'll try my best.
    2- I'm not the best at making storyboards, so don't expect pretty, cute, or typhoon storyboarding.
    3- I can mod storyboards too, just let me know.
    4- Since storyboarding is the most part-time I've worked on, you'll need to aim it to the rankings. Storybaording doesn't take me less than 6 hours.
    5- Few of my maps had storyboards, but if you want to check that, feel free to do so.

Hihi- for NM!
Hanatan - RED Signal
thanks :) !
Hey, I'll try even though I have super bad luck with queues ;w;

fhana - Hajimari no Sayonara
The drain time on my diff is 4:17 so I hope it's ok!

Thanks :)
Hey kaiser!

Id like an NM please!

Miku Sawai - Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai. (TV Size)

Thanks a bunch!
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Cerulean Veyron
wow.... all accepted! Closed for now.

  1. Hanatan - RED Signal : Modded!
  2. M83 - Midnight City : Modded!
  3. fhana - Hajimari no Sayonara : "SONG LENGTH" not "DRAINING TIME", Skipped.
  4. Miku Sawai - Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai. (TV Size) : Modded!
  5. Annabel - Signal Graph (Uplifting Trance Remix) : Read the rules "CAREFULLY" next time, Skipped.
  6. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku - Butterfly Effect : Modded!
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Cerulean Veyron
Open Three nm slots!
AAA - Wake up!

nm req
Boa - Masayume Chasing

I still need some mods for this. I would be happy if you'd take a look at it. Thanks <3
J.Lo! I need mod to my precious POLISH pop ballad (or something) song. :3

Tadeusz Woźniak - Plebania

Maybe you'll like it? ^-^'

LVU Bluddy XD
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Cerulean Veyron

Krfawy wrote:

J.Lo! I need mod to my precious POLISH pop ballad (or something) song. :3

Tadeusz Woźniak - Plebania

Maybe you'll like it? ^-^'

LVU Bluddy XD
A little late there, sorry... try next time. Closed!

  1. BoA - Masayume Chasing : Modded!
  2. Trident - Blue Field : Modded!
  3. AAA - Wake up! : Modded!

M4M is now available!
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Cerulean Veyron
Didn't open this for days... opening 3 nm slots!
I can always try.. It's so rare to see opened NM queues...

ZUN - Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Incest Insect

Feel free to ignore if you don't like the song, thanks in advance ~
xi - Akasha
NM mod plz
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron

Winek wrote:

I can always try.. It's so rare to see opened NM queues...

ZUN - Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Incest Insect

Feel free to ignore if you don't like the song, thanks in advance ~
Ofc i don't like the song, I'm a bit not-interested with Touhou.... :?

One NM slot left!
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