Poll 1: What would you call yourself?

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What would you call yourself?

I'm a beat-clicker. No interest in making maps.
I'm a mapper/modder. I only play to test and mod maps.
I really can't decide between playing and mapping.. do both about the same.
I'm a skinner, coder or other, and while contributing, don't fit into any category above.
I'm just here for the community.
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It is quite obvious we aren't a community purely consisting of gamers. There is so much creativity that can be explored without focusing on the gameplay side of osu!, but it would be interesting to know how we are split up around here. Choose the closest category you feel you fit into currently.
Back in the day I was a somewhat active player. As time went on, however, I found a much greater joy out of mapping and modding. So, I fit into the second category.
While I enjoy playing and mapping, I also enjoy helping everyone else out.
I'm a Player/Mapper/Modder. I do the three in roughly equal periods of time.
Hmm i guesss i would have to say same as azure, player/mapper/modder in equal amount.

Although lately ive been mapping and modding more than i play, so option 3 suits me best :P
As mogs says, I fall in the same boat at one time I was at #400 something but now I only map and mod.
I tend to map more than mod >.<
I started of as a player (well, rank #15 at one point sort of speaks for itself), but with less time to play this year I've mainly been contributing to the feature suggestion and BAT/Global mod forum, plus some chat issues.
Mainly a player, I'd map or mod but I don't have the patience and quite frankly there are better people out there for the job.

Also somewhat here for the community, but honestly it feels like the community has been degrading recently. At least in the areas I frequent.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I'm a spade. For those who don't know what that means:

I suck at playing most video games, but I'm usually a lot more knowledgeable and involved in a game's world than just playing it. When I say "world", I don't mean on a fictional level only - I also mean how the game works as a program, but the lore and backstory of a game are also very important to me. Probably explains why I like mapping (when I have the time) and storyboarding, but not so much playing.

That, and all I have is a laptop. Which can barely run osu! at 30fps a lot of the time.
Voted #2. I'm a decent player and I mod on occasion never had a fond talent of mapping though and I don't see myself contributing much at all actually. ehehe
Moderator extraordinaire.


Edit: Also, I made LadySuburu great. All me. Sort of.
#3. I play and map/mod the same. However, I don't think I would be in osu for this long if the community wasn't good. (In #osu and #mod or a few threads, not all of them)
Currently for me, I'd say I do about 45% playing, 45% modding, and the rest is mapping (or attempting to). Of course, this doesn't factor in all of the time I spend here on the forums. :o

EDIT: But in the future, I'd like it to even out to 1/3 each. <3
map modder now. we always got pending maps to take a look. ;)
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I see myself as a Beat-clicker, I've tried mapping in the past (See my one map that I attempted) but it's just not for me, I don't got the patience or the talent to make successful maps, so I'll leave that to people who can.

I've also attempted to be part of the community and help around the forums, but I just can't commit to too much at one time, and since I have troubles continuing to be active for long periods of time, I just dropped of the face of the earth and stuck to playing osu! and occasionally sitting in chat.
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So far it's about what I expected - a very even 50/50 split ;). Will be interesting to see if it keeps going that way.
Where's the option for abusive administrator/shadowy board of figures member? =(

idk I map/script/mod I fall into that category the most.
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