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Happy End when
Are you jejjin

Gekido- wrote:

Are you jejjin
Please sample my meme


SpectorDG wrote:

Revival please

NXTKitKat wrote:

Revival please
what if Happy End is not kill?
YEE UN-GRAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-10-18 00:15 Julie: 01:11:442 (71442|8) - spread the hitsound at least to this note, 01:11:442 (71442|4) - , the normal hit is super low anyway, and you dont want to take a chance that some people might miss other and not miss the middle note
2015-10-18 00:16 Blocko: nice
2015-10-18 00:16 Blocko: done
2015-10-18 00:17 Julie: 01:13:970 (73970|8) - this too
2015-10-18 00:17 Julie: because these kind of part
2015-10-18 00:17 Julie: normal hit really is barely hearable x.x
2015-10-18 00:17 Blocko: got it
2015-10-18 00:17 Blocko: these feel like baka mistakes to me
2015-10-18 00:18 Julie: nah no need sorry, this is really nothing, is just in case, poiting out possibility of how people play xD
2015-10-18 00:19 Julie: 01:19:021 (79021|4) - delete?, not sure what that note doing there, even if it might look like a new section, is really clear that it should be the same as this 01:19:179 -
2015-10-18 00:20 Blocko: oh that's for the e-guitar
2015-10-18 00:20 Blocko: but i can remove if you'd like
2015-10-18 00:21 Blocko: so, do i?
2015-10-18 00:21 Julie: if you really want add note you could add somewhere like here 01:19:969 - + which is more audible
2015-10-18 00:21 Julie: probably better if remove
2015-10-18 00:21 Blocko: alright, removed
2015-10-18 00:21 Blocko: fun fact some diffs look really similar to each other since i had to manage them all in the end
2015-10-18 00:22 Julie: hahaha, niiice,
2015-10-18 00:22 Julie: really wow for the effort!
2015-10-18 00:22 Julie: 01:24:074 (84074|2) - same reason as the 1st one
2015-10-18 00:22 Blocko: thanks!
2015-10-18 00:22 Blocko: got it
2015-10-18 00:23 Julie: 01:26:600 (86600|0) - im sorry if repeating this xD
2015-10-18 00:23 Blocko: nah it's cool, just keep pointing the stuff i've missed
2015-10-18 00:24 Julie: oki 01:31:653 (91653|1) - xD
2015-10-18 00:24 Julie: and sometimes easy miss too because of the long hitsound name http://puu.sh/kOf77.jpg
2015-10-18 00:24 Julie: hahaha
2015-10-18 00:24 Blocko: are there really a lot of these wa
2015-10-18 00:24 Julie: 01:36:706 (96706|2) -
2015-10-18 00:25 Blocko: so many ayy lmao
2015-10-18 00:25 Julie: these player might not miss, was mostly 1st one, that player just might hit space without hitting the other xD
2015-10-18 00:25 Julie: middle always the easiest to read, except for beginner haha
2015-10-18 00:25 Julie: xD
2015-10-18 00:25 Julie: usually
2015-10-18 00:25 Julie: haha
2015-10-18 00:26 Julie: well for some people
2015-10-18 00:26 Julie: I just took that possibility haha
2015-10-18 00:26 Blocko: well at least you took the chance
2015-10-18 00:27 Julie: 01:37:811 (97811|2,98127|3) - hmm make these 2 different hitsound?
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: hmm can keep, a bit hard to find another one
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: that could fit in ><
2015-10-18 00:28 Blocko: you mean make it different?
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: yeah since in the song
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: is different
2015-10-18 00:28 Blocko: just use rpd fast ww
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: put it on the 1st one
2015-10-18 00:28 Julie: if is rpd fast
2015-10-18 00:29 Blocko: first note or second?
2015-10-18 00:29 Blocko: it seems to fit more for the 2nd
2015-10-18 00:30 Julie: hmm
2015-10-18 00:30 Julie: oki
2015-10-18 00:30 Julie: xD
2015-10-18 00:30 Blocko: alright
2015-10-18 00:30 Blocko: lemme do that for all diffs brb]
2015-10-18 00:30 Julie: oki
2015-10-18 00:31 Julie: 25%reach woot, imma go shower 1st x3
2015-10-18 00:31 Julie: while you fix
2015-10-18 00:31 Julie: for all diff
2015-10-18 00:31 Blocko: l8r
2015-10-18 00:31 Blocko: yee
2015-10-18 00:31 Julie: :3
2015-10-18 00:34 Blocko: brb for a bit
2015-10-18 00:34 Julie: oki imma start brb too x3
2015-10-18 00:41 Blocko: hrm
2015-10-18 00:42 Blocko: i did that, but then i realized that everything else has clap sn instead of rpd fast for parts similar to these
2015-10-18 00:44 Blocko: and i used clap sn as my main drum with drum rpd as the second, and rpd fast as the last one to accent some sounds
2015-10-18 00:44 Blocko: do i change them all or keep them all?
2015-10-18 00:57 Julie: your choice
2015-10-18 00:57 Julie: xD
2015-10-18 00:57 Blocko: alright keepin g
2015-10-18 00:57 Blocko: don't feel like changing hs unless it's really necessary
2015-10-18 00:57 Blocko: brb reverting it back
2015-10-18 00:58 Julie: oki
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: haha
2015-10-18 01:02 Blocko: anywho if you post this chatlog i can give free kds
2015-10-18 01:02 Blocko: after i ungrave this
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: yeah xD
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: oh and um
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: you said 2 bn
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: that mean
2015-10-18 01:02 Julie: it wont be fire icon?
2015-10-18 01:03 Blocko: good question
2015-10-18 01:03 Julie: yeah
2015-10-18 01:03 Blocko: brb asking again
2015-10-18 01:03 Julie: just notice
2015-10-18 01:03 Julie: while shower
2015-10-18 01:03 Blocko: welp the same qat is offline
2015-10-18 01:03 Blocko: so we'll never knooooow
2015-10-18 01:04 Julie: hmm
2015-10-18 01:04 Blocko: probably heart
2015-10-18 01:05 Julie: oki >w<
2015-10-18 01:05 Blocko: but i'd ask first lol
2015-10-18 01:05 Blocko: update?
2015-10-18 01:06 Julie: should we aim a bit higher % of check tonight?
2015-10-18 01:06 Julie: hmm np live
2015-10-18 01:06 Blocko: alright
2015-10-18 01:06 Blocko: ACTION is editing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/706049 xi - Happy End of the World [9K Meteor Shower]]
2015-10-18 01:06 Julie: aim 50% maybe
2015-10-18 01:06 Blocko: dam
2015-10-18 01:06 Julie: 01:41:758 (101758|3) -
2015-10-18 01:06 Julie: you know what to do xD
2015-10-18 01:07 Blocko: just keep pointing them out
2015-10-18 01:07 Julie: okii
2015-10-18 01:08 Julie: 01:50:146 (110146|2) - your sure about these kind of snap right?
2015-10-18 01:10 Blocko: if you're unsure about something, you're probably right
2015-10-18 01:10 Blocko: how was this 1/12 again lol
2015-10-18 01:10 Blocko: brb snapping everything on that time to 1/2
2015-10-18 01:10 Julie: o
2015-10-18 01:11 Blocko: sounds like 1/12
2015-10-18 01:11 Blocko: er
2015-10-18 01:11 Blocko: 1/2
2015-10-18 01:11 Julie: really hard to hear
2015-10-18 01:13 Julie: 01:57:390 (117390|5) - delete? since there isn't a drum like this one 01:58:021 -
2015-10-18 01:14 Blocko: deleted
2015-10-18 01:16 Julie: 02:10:363 (130363|1,130363|4) - not sure why this is didfferent timing, the song itself is the same as 02:09:074 - . 02:08:442 - etc
2015-10-18 01:16 Julie: if you try delete those note just to hear O.O
2015-10-18 01:17 Julie: cuz if is really that timing then youll have to change these 02:08:442 (128442|6,128442|3) - for example
2015-10-18 01:18 Julie: 02:09:706 - is just this part that might sound a bit faster xD
2015-10-18 01:18 Julie: not sure if you know what I mean haha
2015-10-18 01:18 Blocko: guh
2015-10-18 01:18 Julie: yeah x.x
2015-10-18 01:18 Julie: guh
2015-10-18 01:19 Blocko: brb changing 02:10:363 (130363|4,130363|1) - to 1/2 on all diffs
2015-10-18 01:19 Julie: oki
2015-10-18 01:20 Blocko: waaait
2015-10-18 01:20 Blocko: it does kinda end there
2015-10-18 01:20 Julie: yeah it does
2015-10-18 01:20 Julie: that mean the other does, except the one right before
2015-10-18 01:20 Julie: which doesnt
2015-10-18 01:21 Julie: but it would be a lots cleaner
2015-10-18 01:21 Julie: if all same rhythm, since the song is supose to be the same rhythm here
2015-10-18 01:22 Julie: 02:16:357 (136357|1,136357|5) - ok this drum is clearly 1/2
2015-10-18 01:22 Julie: can hear drum sound of the song
2015-10-18 01:22 Julie: before the hitsound
2015-10-18 01:22 Julie: lol
2015-10-18 01:23 Blocko: alright hold on
2015-10-18 01:26 Blocko: 02:10:495 (130495|2,130495|6) - now 1/2
2015-10-18 01:26 Julie: oki cool xD
2015-10-18 01:27 Julie: dang not only map 6 minutes, all keymode, but also hard snap sond wow!
2015-10-18 01:27 Julie: song*
2015-10-18 01:27 Julie: wow huge effort blocko! WOW O.O! huge respect!
2015-10-18 01:27 Blocko: yeaaaaah that took awhile lol
2015-10-18 01:27 Blocko: thanks!
2015-10-18 01:29 Blocko: 02:16:337 - all 1/2
2015-10-18 01:29 Blocko: sooo, done?
2015-10-18 01:30 Julie: YEE
2015-10-18 01:30 Julie: 47% done!
2015-10-18 01:30 Blocko: YEEEEE
happy end of the graveyard
Topic Starter

Thank you for taking some time on checking 9K Meteor Shower, Julie!

Fullerene- wrote:

happy end of the graveyard
Fresh Chicken
It's time to born legend
BSS please ;_;

I went through a couple of things with Blocko in IRC involving the snapping of certain notes. As a result we moved the 200bpm timing point at 05:33:049 - to 05:32:418 - instead and changed it to 195bpm in order to sync the notes in the following section a lot more effectively. Then we moved 05:33:349 - to 05:33:341 - just to realign it with the previous timing point. We also added a timing point of 191bpm at 05:36:495 - to sync up the following notes a bit better (snapping them to the white ticks.)

We also caught out a snapping inconsistency between the hardest 7K and 8K difficulties (it was a grace 02:34:791 (154791|3) - here which should've been 1/12) and was fixed accordingly.

Rest of the snaps seem fairly acceptable from what I see considering the nature of this song. I'll be going through the snap consistency of all the difficulties once BSS is back up.
Topic Starter
welp BSS still down

Huge thanks to Starry- for checking the snaps (and again in the near future) and giving 9 stars!
ppy fix bss so we can have a happy end
Topic Starter
Alright, BSS is up and running.
Many years ago, the world’s great masters of music contemplated how they could best represent their qualities and abilities. From near and far, east and west, from young and old, poor and rich, people gathered. They thus decided that despite the transcendence of music, they would quantize their understandings and knowledge to further develop their dreams and ambitions. Many years later, through the evolution of technology and human comprehension of the human sense of hearing, as well as the progression of sophistication and definition of music, the first electronic rhythm game was born. Over the next few years, humanity would see the birth of a pastime that goes beyond a mere game or musical enthusiasm. The vertical scrolling rhythm game craze began to take hold of individuals across borders, nationalities, and histories. Eventually the VSRGs came to form what we recognize today, with the fledgling osu!mania taking the role of a hub for people across the world to manifest their love of VSRGs. People had disputes, but always got along and were able to set aside their differences to play charts where every person was graded fairly based on their performance. The community was growing, the mapping techniques evolving, and the players improving.

And it seemed good.

But, an ancient evil was slashing and clawing it’s way back into the world, one strike after another. Across civilization and cultures, the fight against this enemy was brutal, and in many cases, fatal. Only one people were able to leave a warning behind for the hope of the future to grasp. These people are commonly referred to as ‘Mayans’. A commonly misplaced belief that has been skewed by thousands of years of contorting and bending of the truth is that Mayans foretold the supposed doomsday of humanity. The true meaning is this warning is that this age will the time in which this enemy re-manifests its soul in the human realm. The name of this enemy is chaos. Many believe an enemy is some overgrown monster that requires physical slaying, but the underlying truth of the world is that true opposition is in the mind, with chaos being one of the most prevalent of these oppositions to humanity. But when time is of the essence, further ponderings are meaningless. The chaos of divisive entropy has manifested itself in the VSRG continuum through separating the heart of VSRG amongst key-modes. One may claim inherent differences, or differing patterns, but the conjoined truth of these keymodes is that at the end of the universe, we will all have played the same game, whether it have four columns or seven lanes. The enemy of chaos has descended upon osu!mania, and there is only one way in which to defeat it.

In addition to their warning, the Mayan people were able to create a weapon capable of destroying even the greatest threats that chaos is capable of mustering. The Mayans always worshipped and glorified their deity, the sun. Their praising of the sun, however, is also a misguided notion that history has twisted over the ages. This worshipping of the sun was truly a worship of their leader, a man that led the people through the power of song and rhythm, referred to in the Mayan tongue as ‘xi’. In his seemingly infinite wisdom, the emperor xi had his people create temples to honor him across the earth. However, the true purpose of these temples were kept secret. To this day, only six temples remain, one within, one on each inhabited continent of the earth. Within each of these temples is a fraction of the genetic elements necessary to modify the chosen one.

Now it lies within the players of osu!mania to save the world and themselves from the inevitable destruction of chaos. The six temples across the world are only accessible through a degree of mastery of a mastery of the xi’s final, and ultimate musical work, Happy End of the World. This marathon map, in osu!mania, has manifested a connection to the power of these temples, so that one may activate a piece of the genetic code left by xi when they have displayed defeat of a keymode of osu!mania through S ranking each of the respective difficulties in that keymode. Activating the power of each genetic fragment across the world will awaken the mutation necessary to save life as we know it.


And when that person does obtain that power, showing the courage and wit to best the hellish depths of chaos and it’s power, humanity will find their savior. The battle will rage on, and both sides will grow weary, but both sides are determined and neither will give in. This battle will consume all people and all the universe, eventually resulting in total destruction and a reset of humanity, with a fresh chance to begin life again. And in that understanding, as we humans begin to tear in the final moments, we will truly experience a Happy End of the World.

The Catastrophic Lore and The Challenge was brought to you by Tristan97.
truly amazing writing.. wow.. you just made my day...
sorry double post, too lazy to edit stuff before...
plus im really really sorry to blocko since i didn't managed to working on the 5K GD i have here, i didn't expect it turns out really great as you layer more percussion (previously i only thinking how to map the lead instrument only with lesser percussion & polyrhythm.. and i feels like its really different diff of mine xD)

and 2nd sorry... damn it i thought im going to find more stuff.. how do you even... damn it

i will take a long break after modding this, really long break from modding & BN stuff..

here's what i found

02:37:479 - this seems has different snapping than other diff

... can't find anything else.. oh my...

http://puu.sh/l0Pd6.zip and my update, fixing small missing hitsound
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