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(I've been wanting to make this request for a long time, and have only remembered to actually make it because of the recent addition of SliderBallTint)

What I'm proposing is the ability to dim or tint the colour of sliders while still keeping the colours combo-based. The former could be done with a single line in the skin.ini (perhaps 0-255 with 0 being the original colours and 255 being black), while the latter would need a separate line allowing each combo colour to be altered separately (with RGB format just like the existing SliderTrackOverride). Either way would be fine for what I'd use the feature for.
This would allow more control with skinning, as the SliderTrackOverride only allows change to all sliders regardless of combo colour, while this would allow the differentiation between combo colours to remain. Many people like to use black sliders, and this would provide an alternative that is not only more customizable, but also more colourful and pleasant to look at.

tl;dr: The only way to darken sliders currently is to use black sliders, but I want to be able to partially darken sliders. The option of custom per-combo slider colours would be nice too.

Here's a GIF comparison:

Thank you in advance for your consideration.
I would use the slider dim to match my skins so I'm going to support this. *throws imaginary stars*
Oh this would be nice for something I'm working on right now! Good idea
Looks pretty nice

Yularia wrote:

*throws imaginary stars*
Support. :)But I can't throw stars. T^T
I don't know how it will affect me but give me one month and I'll throw my stars in
erm, can't you do that by making a grey slider? Asking since I can't remember wether it can be skinned.

You have my approval if it matters :D
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EineKrone wrote:

erm, can't you do that by making a grey slider? Asking since I can't remember wether it can be skinned.
Nope, you can't. The SliderTrackOverride line in the skin.ini is the only way to change the colour of a slider. It completely overrides the colour of every slider, so that would just make all of the sliders grey.
Well, that's how it is currently, anyways.

I like this idea
Or just find a skin that has a transparent slider background?

Assuming that you prefer using Background dim at a high percentage, using a skin that has transparent sliders could solve the issue here. That way, colors won't appear as strong.
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10crystalmask01 wrote:

Or just find a skin that has a transparent slider background?
Adjustable slider transparency isn't an existing feature either...
The default slider style is as translucent as it gets. Maybe some screenshots with a visible background image would make it more clear:
I apologize for the unintentional pun

(left=default, right=mockup)
It really isn't an issue, it is simply just an option that isn't available. What I'm asking for is more control of how sliders look, not how to fix a non-existent problem.

(Also, I'm using a skin that I made myself)
I really really really love this idea.
i think this idea would be great (and useful for some player :D) :)
I have black sliders atm, but i'd love to have more color on them, and I've found using the default is too bright (especially during kiai time).
putting stars in this, would love to see it in game.
Bumping this because I made a duplicate. Would like to see this!
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