How did you Find out about Osu!~?

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Interesting since it's not really advertised or anything..

As for me, I was sitting next to a guy at a PC gaming place and he was playing it. I thank the gods that I went that day, otherwise I'd never know about Osu!. Scary thought...

And what were your initial impresions when you first started playing?
I didn't. osu! found me

I have a feeling there's a thread like this somewhere...
Anyway, I saw my friend playing it and it seemed interesting.
It was this guy.

I was looking at his laptop and there were shortcuts that I didn't know. Asked him about one program and it was a mania like rhythm game which auto generate the "beatmap" (I don't know what to call it, but I'm pretty sure you'll understand). But he says, "this one is not so good, there's another one that fits the music more." Then he closed the program and moved his cursor to this pink circle shortcut with three letters and an exclamation mark and open it. I was enlightened.
[ Troch ]
My cousin introduced me to this game 2 years ago.
It was back in August 2013,

I was watching Dyrus stream one day, and while he was in queue for a League match, he was playing osu! I thought that it looked really cool so I downloaded it and tried it out. I didn't really play osu! too much at first, but I started to play a lot when I found out my friend also played it a couple months later.

B1rd wrote:

First encounter: I was searching for a subbed version of Hyadain2525's Battle of the Four Fiends remix when I stumbled across a video in Youtube. Apparently, someone made a beatmap out of that song, but it wasn't completed and s/he wanted feedback or something. Having played Osu Tatakae Ouendan, I was familiar with the gameplay but was astounded that someone would make a beatmap 'just for fun'. Is there a fan-released Osu game I wasn't aware of?

That was how I found osu. Except I didn't play it yet because I was happy with my DS version... and playing with the mouse was just plain weird to me at that time.

Time skip to a year or so, my friend showed me osu... except she was playing Catch the Beat, and I didn't recognize osu that time until she pushed me to downloaded it. That was I started playing.
Well, I remember going to this party and saw one of my cousins playing osu!.
He was playing taiko and well I have the game for Wii and I thought it would be great to play it on PC as well.
So, when we went to the main menu, I saw the almighty 4 letters, O, s, u, and !.

I went home, downloaded it, made account, blah blah blah
and I failed horribly
and I enjoyed osu!, and as well as the community.
i was watching some cod videas/montages and shiee, i glanced at the videa suggestions and saw something that wasn't related to the call of duties at all

clicked on it, can't really remember what happened but i somehow ended up watching funorange's videas

then i basically went: "this shit looks asian as, ima try get pro @ it"

in my first month of playing, i felt like i could never play insanes/gitgud, was a lot of fun though and still is
saw friend playing it in school library
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mrdumpling64 wrote:

saw friend playing it in school library
Which school?
I was searching rhythm games for my Android phone, and then there's osu!droid. Downloaded it, had so much fun and after some months I downloaded the PC version of it (osu!).
Trash Boat
by my brother, however at that time i had no internet yet, so idk how did he make to install it. and this was the first song i played along with tutorial
I saw my brother playing it upstairs and found it fun after I played it. Downloaded it after a few plays
I was watching someone's league of legends stream (I think it was c9 Hai, forgot) and they started playing osu! during a waiting queue.

Funny thing is I don't play league of legends anymore lol
I was looking at plays of StepMania beatmaps on youtube and one of the suggested videos was a Cookiezi video.
Soo bin
This exact video made me start osu
My younger-sister, I saw My sister playing osu! and I try to play it... luckily, until now I'm still playing it (but sadly, my sister doesn't play osu! anymore)
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