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Instead of only be able just talk to one person in private about being able to invite other users into a private chat channel...I know we could just talk in Osu!....but it would still be a interesting update to osu! What do other people think

Wishy22 wrote:

Nowadays you can create those kind of chats by:

1- Going into a #multiplayer room.

Why is this bad?:

a- You can't play/edit/etc while you're using this "feature".
b- No more than 8 players can join.
c- You are forced to listen to the song you "are going to play", which is annoying since I'm sure many players do use osu! as a music player while they are playing/chatting.

So, what's the second method?

2- This is new, by using the new chat feature #spectator. This new feature is excellent, whenever you spectate someone and he starts playing, a new tab pops up, #spectator. Here every user spectating player X will read every message every sends through that tab, and the player being spectated himself will be able to chat too. You don't get kicked from this tab even if the player stops playing/quits the map, which is good since it'd be a pain to get a chat reset every time the guy changes map. Meaning: the tab apparently won't close unless you do something/the spectated player does something so you will get the "Stopped spectating X" message appear. All this is good and does not need to be changed.

Cons to this are the same as before, except for b-.

So, if we can already "do this", why not add some feature that allows us to "create" a temporal channel (which would be "deleted" when everyone leaves) where you can invite your friends to join? Joining randomly would not be possible, you'd need an invite from any player who is already on that channel. I'd say the creator could have some privileges like /kick and such but that could be suggested later.

PS: Don't go around saying "you can do this on mIRC", because not everyone uses mIRC (in fact I'm sure a VERY HIGH percentage of players do not use it) or wants to use another program to chat with osu! players. And this would be more comfortable, like you want to do a group chat, you just invite a few friends and do it, instead of "hey let's go mIRC join".

tl;dr: Add a feature where you can create a channel and everyone there can invite people to join, channel is temporal and disappears when everyone goes offline/closes the tab. Reasoning behind this: you can already do it but you gotta create a channel/spectate/get osu! locked on something. This is not urgent at all, obviously, but guessed it wouldn't be hard to do.
I like the idea. :]
oh great idea, support for sure
I could see how that would help
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It might take a bit of work...But it could prove more user friendly
Thanks for support
+ eeesupport
I was thinking of something like this, yes, it'll have some use.
Like MSN and stuff
strager disagrees.
Sir Minelli
I'm neutral on this.

strager wrote:

strager disagrees.

Sir Minelli wrote:

I'm neutral on this.
This would be useful for IRC modding collab maps.

Aside from that, I can't really think of much else it'd be used for.

Anyway, who am I to eschew utility in support of practicality? Support.

Larto wrote:

strager wrote:

strager disagrees.

Sir Minelli wrote:

I'm neutral on this.
In most IRC servers I've been on, you can create your own channels. This is like creating your own chat room.

The problem with this on osu! is moderation. You can get 100 people in a single "private" channel and have it lack proper moderation.

What you should ask is, "why WOULD this be useful?".

Ephemeral, there is #mod-norequests last I checked.
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fair enough i guess....However a lot of players don't use irc servers to talk so it could be beneficial for them
I don't see how this would work unless it does create a channel for each private chat. That would get a bit tedious.
If you can create the private server yourself, The server button place might be full! (of course, maybe peppy will add some more channel)
Sleep Powder

or something like that?

Separate channels like when you PM people but only with invitations.
Including a shortcut to do this
e.x /invite [insert username here] To invite
/make room To make a seperate channel for multiple people.
I.e. +pi, right?

/me hides.
I suggest making a multiplayer game for the time being. It gives you a private chat with up to 8 slots.
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peppy wrote:

I suggest making a multiplayer game for the time being. It gives you a private chat with up to 8 slots.
OK....but is it something worth looking into peppy?
do want
At the moment I have no plans of adding this, no.
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