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check my bg please..
and can you fix my mp3 ? i must fade out the music
I'm here again, I'm sorry to say this but I forget to request the composer too :( so could you add the song's title and composer? ginkiha - Starlight Express and I want you to use the simple font. sorry for my attitude :(

Could you help me find an mp3 of this song please? I wanna map it but I can't find a download link (other than youtube converters)

【清風明月(Drop×葉月ゆら)】Le Bijoux - 黒翼の聖女

Edit: Thank you very much for the super fast response!!

Fullerene- wrote:

Hi again.

Here is the map:
Ideally I want to continue using the current BG but there is no larger size available that i could find.

If you could add text to this image in the style of this text containing the song artist and song title, that would be awesome!

Here is where I got these images, if it helps more. ... NHAELEQINZ

Thanks in advance!
Apologies for requesting for the same map so quickly again, but I'd like a Taiko version of your BG to accommodate the new Taiko diff~

Thanks again
hey Ringating.

I am here again, but it is not for the reason we talked about in game.

this map will be bubbled soon hopefully, and I was wondering if there is anything you could do with the BG.

the BATs main concern is file size, so I was wondering if you could compress it while sacrificing as little quality as possible. (and ofcourse, improve it in any way you see fit)

thanks in advance sir <3
Hello rin san ^^
i'd love to ask some mod about my BG in this map
i don't really know about the resolution or stuff about BG.
Also you could edit it to be more interesting if you want to >n<
thank you so much~
ok, I am back for what we discussed in game earlier this week.

I want to see if you can improve the visual quality of these images in the storyboard. some of them are screenshots from the show, so they may be kind of blurry, maybe yoiu can reduce that.

also, the image in the SB folder labeled " setsunaissocool" (yeah that was his idea) has some text on it, in the upper right, I was wondering if it would be difficult to remove that.

other than that, do with them as you see fit to maybe improve the quality.

so sorry about bugging you again so quickly, thank you, you are awesome

I have this beatmap: for which I'm currently searching a new BG, so I found this image: which I really like, but the resolution is too small in length (only 1000px).

Can you help me with making this image 1366x768?

Thank you for your time!
Hello, first request.

I would like to make this image 1366x768 if possible ... d=44137288

I tried messing with photoshop but I don't think I did it right


Edit: Forgot to link my map:
hello :3

my image is artefacted i guess
sorry, i can't give a beatmap link because i still didn't upload it. i hope it's okay anyway~
-N a n a k o-

Can you help me to fix the BG?


I honestly don't know what's wrong with this bg (I think it's the resolution ><) but I'm sure there is something wrong it...

Here's the link to the map:

I tried finding the orignial link, but even after 20 pages full of picture I was unable to...sorry!

thanks in advance!
yo ringating, this isn't my map but its a map i've been trying to push forward. and well.. the bg litteraly looks like it was taken off a screenshot of the video lol. (well maybe not that bad)

but can u work a bit of ur magic on it lol?
_(:зゝ∠)_ hi there again
I want ask bg help for this map
Hey there!
I need your help with BG, apart from your own magic tricks, I'd love to have metadata on BG in similar style to the title that's on BG atm. Specifically:
-Key amount on o!m diff BG (specifically 7+1K)
-Collab participants (in description)
Map link:

Thanks in advance!
hello there!
I want you to edit my map where half shows light blue and half shows light red to denote the meaning of the song in latin (or some language)
hmm could this map's bg be improved?

here is a png version of the bg if it helps
hello.. my bg has a nice little mark that says "WALLPAPERSWIDE.COM" in the corner and I can't find any other similar enough bgs that work. if you could bg mod this map it would be great

I'm a regular customer now I guess lol

I could need a recheck on the BG as well as the MP3 whether they are good to go.
Here's the source of the BG file as well if you need it:

Thanks! :)
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