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This is a queue that you can post in if you think your BG (or audio/video) could be improved.

often the best way to fix a poor bg is to find a cleaner version of the original image.

to do this, you can just drag any image you have directly into the google images search bar. It just works.

tineye is another site that offers the same service, in case google isn't particularly helpful.
All you need to post is your map link, but a link to the original image you found online would be greatly appreciated
(you'll also get priority if the original image is high quality, since that makes my job really easy).

You don't have to be sure if you have any issues, either; I can just give it a quick check for general quality/rankability.
If I don't find anything particularly wrong, I'll let you know (probably via PM).

Lastly, this queue is always open since these usually don't take very long to complete.

this box is under construction because I'm lazy

a bit of extra clarification:
I don't find new backgrounds, I just improve/fix/edit existing images.

should I request again ?

Caffe_[Latte] wrote:

should I request again ?
nah you're fine. ringating will get to your map once he's done sleeping -.-
Hm... a new kind of mod?

Maybe you should try this one:

It's a mania map, so the focus is on the right side. (As you see.)
I'm not sure if I need the left side, I'll let you consider then.
And resolution, *shrugs* change it if possible. (I also fear of some resolution issue too.)

Thank you! :)

(P.S. Oh, if there's somebody post their mod on my beatmap, feel free to stack them. Tell them I'll take care of it, thanks again!)
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I have completed both Caffe_[Latte]'s bg mod and Chamelo_Th's bg mod. Queue is still open, of course.
Hmm, maybe improve the audio on this beatmap? Its kind of soft, compared to others.

Also, nice queue idea :lol:
Nya Nya Neko
I don't f*** know what you were talking about, but I like it ....
Komeiji Record's - Stage 6 Boss Rush
my bg looks kind of weird, maybe it can be improved? it goes with the storyboard i made, so those would need changing too...

the bg has shit quality wtf
thanks \:D/
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I have now completed the bg mods for Cancel, not94, Setz206, and Groumiezi. That makes this queue even more open than it normally is.
hi o.o

can i request again? :3
is didn't smoother
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Groumiezi wrote:

can i request again? :3
of course :) my queue isn't exactly bursting at the seams, so I'm fine with doing multiple beatmap backgrounds for people.
hello, can you help me improving this background as nice as you can :) *hope it be 16:9 ratios background*

Beatmap: kano - Konoha no Sekai Jijou

thanks in advance :)
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I have completed all previously requested bg mods (four days ago, actually)
so don't worry about overloading me with work or anything...[/sarcasm]

In other words this mod is still quite open.

My Background feel like empty..
Can you fix it? ;)
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also, updated the first post to be easier to understand (less info, more images)

Queue is still open and collecting dust. If you have a bg that isn't 16:9 or is low quality in any way, post it and I'll make it less crap better.
mmm im not sure if theres anything wrong with mine..~
could you check ? ^_^

Thanks in advance~!
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