Osumania AnyKeys converter(Supports 4-20keys arbitrary conversion)

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Supports 4-20keys arbitrary conversion.
Supports drag-and-drop file or folder batch converter.

V0.5 release use case diagram



E.g④:Everything to Jack And Stream(It’s not much use just for fun)

E.g⑤:Jack World(Jack Stream trainer)

Old version description (English is poor.I feel that no one will finish reading, the new version I directly put the example diagram)

krrcream’s Osumania AnyKeys converter(machine translation)

The Osumania AnyKeys Converter - based on matrix transformations, More free transformation.
I have learned python by themselves for a week, and there may be bugs. If you encounter bugs, please understand or contact me.

Why make this converter
This converter was created to address the limited number of charts available for 8-key players, as opposed to 7+1s players. Manually converting charts took two days to produce over 100 chants, which led to the idea of writing a script. After not programming for over a decade since freshman year, Python was chosen for its ease of learning. The algorithm was completed in a week, and it turned out to be quite useful, leading to the development of a graphical user interface. AI assistance from TianGong AI was greatly appreciated during the learning process when many syntaxes were unclear.

features include
1. Low keys to high keys conversion without just expanding columns; instead, random columns are copied and inserted to balance and maintain the flow of the converted chart.
2. Simple matrix transformation allows easy conversion between different chart types, such as bms’s 7+1k to 7k, 7k to 6k, or custom arrays like 4k to 4kdp, even allowing for extreme conversions like 6k to 14k.
3. Drag-and-drop functionality makes converting charts simple; dragging the chart file into the window completes the conversion, which is more convenient than traditional file opening methods and increases efficiency.
4. Automatic file organization saves time by eliminating manual sorting and categorization of files.

Usage instructions
1. ①Open the Arbitrary Keys Converter, set the save path (usually a folder within the Songs folder), where all converted charts will automatically be gathered.
2. ②-③Set the title and artist; leave blank to use the original chart’s information. For batch conversions, it’s recommended to set a title and artist as V.A. or Various artists for easier tracking in osu!.
3. ④Use “original chart title name” to name the version. For single-chart conversions, the song name appears only in the title; tick this option to include the title in the difficulty name version during conversion. If converting from a chart pack, the difficulty name already includes the song name, so it can be removed.
4. ⑤-⑥Set the conversion method to be used and the step, the step indicates how many rows have passed, and the time step indicates how many milliseconds have passed. When there is no noodle, the conversion method will be re-generated if one is met.
5. ⑦Your target key number.
6. ⑧The jack deletion level is divided into four levels to delete the generated jacks Between the lines of change convert method. Level 0 does not delete any; Level 1 only processes the jacks of the first line with a time less than 1/4 beat snap divisor, recommended for jack charts; Level 2 (default) processes two lines with a time difference of less than three 1/8 beat snap divisors before and after the change method line, recommended for most charts; Level 3 processes more lines with a time difference of less than three 1/8 beat snap divisors, recommended for high-scoring charts that require speed and technique, and can increase the step size to obtain better transcription effects. Note that 1/4 and 3/8 are calculated automatically based on the BPM, and if the chart starts with a tempo change, it may not work. In this case, please use Level 0. Random changes in inserted columns cannot completely avoid jack generation, and currently high scores of 1/8 and above have a low probability of forming jacks.Please choose the appropriate level according to your needs.
7. then drag the ‘*.osu’ chart file into the window to complete the conversion.

Conversion methods
1. [Random Keys Insertion] NToNC: This low-to-high key algorithm copies a column and inserts it until the target keys are reached. It’s the default algorithm and suitable for all keys.

2. [Four-Keys DPChaos Bracket] 4To8DPC: The 4-to-8 keys algorithm copies individual columns to either single or triple columns, creating large or small bracket shapes. The difficulty increase is significant, making it suitable initially for simpler charts to expand reading range and coordination, and later for practicing bracket techniques.

3. [Simple Matrix Transformation] NToNS: This method ignores step distance, time step distance, and target keys. Enter a number n to represent the original chart’s n+1 columns, starting from 0, to generate charts from 1-key to 20-keys.
- Example ①: Quickly remove spaces in 7K to convert it to 6K.

- Example ②: Simply change the columns in 7k (in this example, both hands’ jacks are to one hand’s position).

- Example③:4KDP

Please note that this tool is for reference and assistance purposes only and should not be used for any commercial activities. Any issues or questions can be directed to me at any time.

Thanks to Chiral Cabbage and YuliangSSS for the advice they gave me in programming

exe program:①百度网盘google
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①Change the conversion method and add the auto-add notes strategy to deal with the convert space rows.
②Add English.
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V0.5 release
① Support column more to column less change, to achieve any keys spectrum
② Increase the function of [Everything to Jack] [Everything to Stream] [Jack world]
③ Increase the function of inserting empty columns to better control the density
④ Supports drag-and-drop file or folder batch converter

V0.5 should be relatively stable.
I am poor in English, so this time I put in a few examples and folded the original instructions.
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