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Restless Spirit
Aaaah, I'm not quite sure about this but I guess I'll give it a shot.

So. You guys know how the osu!forums are mixed with tons of people who aren't even from English speaking countries (at least not as their native language). I'd like those of you, whose native language isn't English, to post something in your native language ITT. Also, you are welcome to translate the crap you're writing.

Let me start then:
Aaaah, ich bin mir hierbei nicht ganz sicher, aber ich denke, ich probier's mal aus.

So. Ihr wisst, wie die osu!foren mit Tonnen an Leuten gemischt sind, die nicht mal aus englischsprachigen Ländern stammen (zumindest nicht muttersprachlich). Ich möchte, dass diejenigen von euch, deren Muttersprache nicht Englisch ist, etwas in ihrer Muttersprache posten. Ihr seid außerdem dazu eingeladen, den Scheiß, den ihr hier schreibt, zu übersetzen.

(this is a rough translation from the introduction above from English into German)
Je moeder is een aardappel.

Nice to meet you.

(this is an accurate translation of the above greeting from Dutch to English)
J'ai rejoint cette communauté il y a environ huit mois, m'y suis faite des ami(e)s, et ai rencontré les meilleures personnes dans Forum Games, j'ai adoré cette expérience, et c'est pourquoi, après une longue absence, je décide de revenir ici, car je m'y sens bien, et que je pense ne pas avoir de problèmes à nouveau. Je ne remercierai jamais assez les personnes qui m'ont suivi et m'ont considéré comme des amis... Et je vous dis à tous...

I joined this community about eight months ago, I made some friends, and met the best people in Forum Games, I loved what I lived there, that's why, after a long hiatus, I decided to come back here, because I'm happy being here, and I think I will not have any problems again. I will not stop thanking everyone that followed me and considered me as a friend... And I shall say to you all...
I AM BACK ! \:D/
I miss your lessons Tomo-sensei ;w;
- Marco -
Probabilmente sono l'unico italiano su Forum Games

e un giorno ti troverò e ti...ehm...abbraccierò salted_nuts :3


I'm probably the only one on Italian Forum Games

and one day I'll find you and... uh ... hug you salted_nuts: 3
my native language is english

so hello


marcostudios wrote:

Probabilmente sono l'unico italiano su Forum Games

e un giorno ti troverò e ti...ehm...abbraccierò salted_nuts :3
no non lo sei, ma tanto non posto quasi mai qui, quindi
Putangina mong hayop ka tanginang gago tarantado

I love you so much I want to marry you.
Cuman Medan lang z yang e bengpek wa kong hamik neng

I dont know what to say no more
Myke B

ColdTooth wrote:

my native language is english

so hello

Well, I gotta go. The bae is waiting for me at home. Tell the kids I said keep it 300, and hmu sometime so we can turn up. swagyalater.
Ryu Sei
Sudah mulai hujan. Sebaiknya aku pulang.
It's raining. I'd better go home.
Potek!! Ang ingay ng mga kapitbahay ko ngayon!! Hindi ako makapanood ng anime ng mapayapa!!! T_T
Translation: Damn It!! My neighbors are so noisy today!! I can't watch my anime in peace!!! T_T

Seriously though. Stupid neighbors.
Saya tidak tahu apa yang sedang saya tulis.


I have no idea about what i'm writing.
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Restless Spirit
Ich bin soweit zufrieden mit diesem Thread. Vielleicht kommen ja noch mehr Posts in der Zukunft dazu.
I am satisfied with this thread. Maybe some more posts will come in the future.
semoga saja topik ini berjalan dengan baik
let's hope this topic works well
g'day mate
Bababa ba?

Is it going down?
Ryu Sei
Sudah sekitar 3 bulan saya main osu!...
It's about 3 months I'm playing osu!...
Trash Boat
visiten mi hilo de peticion sobre un posible modo arcade para osu! porfa

check my feature request thread about a possible arcade mode for osu! please

seriously though
ไม่แน่ใจว่า arcade mode ใน osu! จะเหมาะรึเปล่านะ - -

Not sure if arcade mode in osu! will be suitable. - -

how about we make a conversation instead of saying a random thing?
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