Beat Crusaders - Hit in the USA

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Okay guys, here's my first beatmap. I hope you all like it.

Also, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!
Welcome to the club of beatmappers!

I'm a bit distressed that you didn't use the built-in timing snapping functions at all :o. Did you not know about these features? It will make your timing a LOT more accurate - as you will be ensured you are placing things in the right places.

I will do you a favour by re-timing this and will upload in the next 10 minutes.

Good effort though - apart from timing issues, its a solid beatmap.

Stick around for a bit :)

Edit: See attached osu. On your call I will update your osz.
I changed the timing (please take note of this -- also watch my video tutorial on timing basics if you have a moment ;)) and added some break sections to the areas where you didn't have notes. Made good testing for the new version I'm working on - where you can insert these breaks in the editor :).

Download: Beat Crusaders - Hit in the USA (Shin) [Normal].osu
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Ah yes, that edit is much, much better.

I had messed around with the time-snapping functions a little - however the way i had done it, i'd ended up doing more harm than good. Though, i do believe that your tutorial will fix that little problem. Im usually right with these kinda things once ive seen them done once. :D

Also, I was unsure what to do about those break sections. I thought it'd be a little unfair, and get a tad too chaotic if i tried to jam in some extra notes in a lot of those places, so i just let them be. The way that i had found it was that it was too easy if i'd put breaks in there (abit imperfectly timed). Again, the edits you made fixed this problem.

So, thanks for fixing up the beatmap! Ill hopefully have a better timed one next time :P
Good stuff. I have updated the osz and added to the official list.
man that was hard but awesome
Was hoping someone would do this song, and I'm glad you did, it's very well done! :D
Nice one - not sure the "break" function was meant to be used in such short capacities though :D

eyup wrote:

Nice one - not sure the "break" function was meant to be used in such short capacities though :D
That was me :P. Kind of a test to see how it did work actually - didn't turn out so bad IMO!
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