Kotoha - Shinpakusuu#0822

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, 3 April 2024 at 00:16:46

Artist: Kotoha
Title: Shinpakusuu#0822
Tags: heart beat heart rate midorijeon ayucchi Shirahane Suou Nilou cover chouchou-p chouchoup papiyon 蝶々P パピヨン hakoniwalily ハコニワリリィ hakolili ハコリリ vocaloid hatsune miku 錦木 千束 Nishikigi Chisato 井ノ上 たきな Inoue Takina japanese pop jpop j-pop
BPM: 114
Filesize: 10186kb
Play Time: 04:51
Difficulties Available:
  1. chisataki (5.23 stars, 1027 notes)
Download: Kotoha - Shinpakusuu#0822
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
i thought it'll be a waste to not finish this

collab with suou, this shit took half a year to finish coz we both died for a few months xd
hs: midorijeon

prequel: beatmapsets/1952471#osu/4043170

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