ISEGYE IDOL - RE:WIND (Cut Ver.) [Taiko]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2024년 4월 24일 수요일 at 오후 6:51:00

Title: RE:WIND (Cut Ver.)
Tags: korean pop kpop k-pop 영바이브 youngvibe young_vibe 우왁굳 오영택 woowakgood 아이네 ine 징버거 jingburger 릴파 lilpa 주르르 jururu 고세구 gosegu 비챤 viichan 망냥냥 mangnyangnyang mangnyannyan 이세돌 isedol 왁타버스 waktaverse 버츄얼 유튜버 브이튜버 브이추버 virtual youtuber vtuber 리와인드 rewind short version marksman666 Cryceptio CRHIX
BPM: 140
Filesize: 16841kb
Play Time: 01:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. CRHIX's Kantan (1.16 stars, 137 notes)
  2. Cry's Futsuu (2.03 stars, 233 notes)
  3. Muzukashii (2.68 stars, 327 notes)
  4. Oni (3.4 stars, 494 notes)
Download: ISEGYE IDOL - RE:WIND (Cut Ver.)
Download: ISEGYE IDOL - RE:WIND (Cut Ver.) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Claim: I mapped this with fandom-ship and for non-profit so please DO NOT pick this mapset into any tourney :)

형이봤 및 돌이봤에 올리지 말아주세요 :(

[Music Information]

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Ine(아이네)💜 Jingburger(징버거)💛
Lilpa(릴파)🖤 Jururu(주르르)💖
Gosegu(고세구)💙 VIichan(비챤)💚

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[osu! mapset infomation]
First ISEGYE IDOL mapset
V-tuber but singers

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  1. OnosakiHito (Just quick checking)
  2. BlackBN
  3. [-E S I A-]
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  1. [-E S I A-]
  2. BlackBN
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