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[TCD] tihung
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 at 10:50:26

Artist: MIMI
Title: Sayonara wa Iwanaide sa (feat. KAFU)
Tags: don't dont say goodbye japanese pop jpop j-pop kaf kaf-u virtual_kaf vocaloid ボーカロイド ボカロ 音楽的同位体 musical isotope kamitsubaki studio sutajio 神椿スタジオ はるお haluo_haluo cevio ai piano acoustic guitar
BPM: 176
Filesize: 4974kb
Play Time: 03:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. Beyond the light - 4Key (3.63 stars, 2063 notes)
  2. Easy - 4Key (1.48 stars, 811 notes)
  3. Hard - 4Key (2.76 stars, 1655 notes)
  4. Normal - 4Key (2.02 stars, 1164 notes)
Download: MIMI - Sayonara wa Iwanaide sa (feat. KAFU)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

MIMI project, #2
MIMI feat. KAFU subproject, #2
#1 | #3

1/2 chords and 1/3 stream, vocal focused hybrid
FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Contains noodles

Ranked series
#1 | #2 | #3

Beatmap Nominators
1st: chocomilku-
2nd: Carpihat

osu!mania needs more MIMI!

Background from the music video, by ドライフラワー

Hitsound only contains soft-hitnormal and soft-hitclap, from FAMoss' pack
100% solo mapset

(I didn't record anything earlier than 23 Oct, so... that's it)
23/10/2023: fixed some LNs' length in Hard diff to match Insane diff
24/10/2023: updated Insane diff, rebalanced note distribution per column in Easy diff
25/10/2023: modded by Koito Ria
27/10/2023: modded by N4iveDx
28/10/2023: updated easy and hard diff pattern
06/11/2023: modded by Furr H
12/11/2023: modded by nanonbandusty, added breaks in hard diff, rearranged pattern in insane diff in a way that avoid as many 1/2 jacks as possible; changed offset from 536 to 540 (6ms later), changed a 138-bpm timing point to 140 bpm; modded by oct4
13/11/2023: uses new audio: 128 kbps mp3 to 160 kbps ogg, and new offset of 492
14/11/2023: changed offset to 482 (10ms earlier), streams in hard diff now have triples
15/11/2023: modded by eZmmR
17/11/2023: changed offset to 486 (4ms later)
18/11/2023: modded by Mon3tr_Miku
24/11/2023: reduced the LN at 00:27:076 to normal note
25/11/2023: updated easy diff pattern, focusing vocal more, changed ofset from 486 to 488 (2ms later)
26/11/2023: At 00:13:783 - 00:24:692 - 01:41:056 - 01:51:965, changed to triple for insane diff, double for easy and hard diff
30/11/2023: updated normal diff
01/12/2023: added "feat." into the tag field
08/12/2023: added clap hitsound
09/12/2023: changed insane diff name
10/12/2023: added (feat. KAFU) into title fields
11/12/2023: updated easy diff and insane diff
17/12/2023: updated insane diff
18/12/2023: buffed normal diff
19/12/2023: in the last kiai of insane diff: LNs are overlapped by 1/8 beats to represent greater intensity
27/12/2023: changed offset from 488 to 484 (4ms earlier)
03/01/2024: density of hard diff in 2 sections from 00:33:211 and 02:08:665 has been increased (to continuous 1/2 stream) to balance spread gap
06/01/2024: insane diff no longer has LN overlap
12/01/2024: changed offset to 490 (6ms later)
15/01/2024: updated insane diff
25/01/2024: updated hard and insane diff
21/02/2024: updated insane diff
28/02/2024: in insane diff, changed 02:14:126 to triple
04/03/2024: updated insane diff to represent instrument in kiai sections more accurately, decreased its OD to 7.5; changed hard diff OD to 7.2
05/03/2024: updated easy diff
06/03/2024: normal, hard, insane diffs checked by chocomilku-, updated easy diff[
08/03/2024: updated normal diffs
12/03/2024: added "はるお haluo_haluo" into tag field
14/03/2024: updated normal diff, easy diff and general checked by chocomilku-
18/03/2024: checked by Carpihat, added hitsound to easy diff; qualified
19/03/2024: disqualified to fix timing; added "acoustic" into tag field
25/03/2024: ranked

the future is cruel, indeed...
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