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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 3:43:16 PM

Artist: Ai Otsuka
Title: Momo no Hanabira
BPM: 140.06
Filesize: 3327kb
Play Time: 02:51
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (2.07 stars, 202 notes)
  2. Hard (4.63 stars, 382 notes)
  3. Normal (4.09 stars, 306 notes)

Download: Ai Otsuka - Momo no Hanabira
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
I've been wanting to map this song for a good while, and finally have. Most of you will probably notice how my maps aren't 100% different based on difficulty like they've been in the past, but instead, I basically made a base and added/subtracted beats from it. Regardless, the maps should still be fun.

Another thing I've done in which I don't usually do... I didn't map ALL of the song. I've seen countless people do the same thing, and besides, it's a good stopping point around 3 minutes for a lot of songs anyways, and this song is no exception.


Without further ado, I command thee all, ENJOY!

Edit: 100% Done, I hope. =D

Edit2: After peppy looked at it, I was shocked at how badly it was actually done before. I hadn't even considered using 1/3 divisor before he talked about it, and man, what a difference it made. So, I resnapped/recalculated and fixed it up, and improved on the spacing. This time, it really should be "perfect"... I hope. >_>;

Edit3: Edited some beats thanks to James' suggestion. It really does sound (and feel) better at those spots now.
Another amazing beatmap! I love it, the sounds really add to the song, and the difficulties feel just right.
The only thing is that there are a few beatspacing inconsistencies with whole notes being placed too close, but they don't interfere much with actually
playing the song, so I'll see what another mod thinks, I would bubble it if it weren't for that. For now you get a star.
Could you give an example of such space problems? My only guess is that it's in the Easy version, and the reason for that would be that it is a "downgraded" form of the Normal version.
Yeah, in easy is the only place I noticed it, it may be in the others, but it was going fast so it wasn't very noticeable.
Let's see, a few examples in easy: 30:69, 33:75, 42:95, 47:11
I think that's enough for you to get the idea, but as I said before, it's not enough to get in the way of gameplay, so I'll see what another mod thinks.
I'll fix up the spacing a bit, then. Gimme like 5 minutes. =D
Okay, I'm working on my own beatmap atm, so I might not be able to get to it right away.
Kay, fixed the spacing on my Easy version, should feel a lot better now.
I approve of this beatmap. At least the hard version. Because that's the version I played.
The song has a great flow, and the map really fits the song. Love all of the doubles, anything else would be unnatural.

I agree with Ivalset in that you should map the entire map. But if you'd rather not, once you fix that small spot in easy this map is rankable.

Entire map is a no-go, therefor, bubble.
Not sure about you guys, but I have huge problems with the distance spacing used on this map o.O (and more)

A few minor issues which I can point a finger at (because distance spacing is all over the place >.>)

Focussing on hard for the time being:

00:32:67 - I would move this note forwards to the next 1/1 tick. It feels awkward where it currently is (all versions).
00:35:53~00:37:39 - EVERY section of beats which has this rhythm is currently incorrect. You should be using 1/3 snapping and snap them backwards to the blue snap point that occurs before their current position. Sorry but I can't show my support in having this song ranked even if I was to ignore spacing due to this current issue. This also goes for sliders in certain areas - at the moment if you listen closely it is totally off in comparison to the music. I'd suggest snapping/recalculating at 1/3!
1:17:08 - Too early
1:57:92 - An example of the problems I have with distance spacing. 4 is the same distance from 3 as 2 is from 3. Doesn't work in my opinion.

I'd make the background black to match the background picture - at the moment there is blue letterboxing at the top and bottom.

Yes I may seem critical, but I thought these were major flaws in the map as it is. I love this song and see this having potential if things are fixed up. Good luck ;)
I think hit object 00:20:25 must be in 00:20:14?

I'd suggest snapping/recalculating at 1/3!
I tried this one and it really sounds better, try it!! :D
00:20:25 (#11) sounds better when moved 1/3 backwards?
01:52:37 (#8 - #9) the jump between these two distance-wise is a bit far considering their time values

Also I found that 140.04bpm works ever so slightly better towards the end. I already checked through and resnap/recalc work perfectly after this change without any manual fixes, but you might want to check just in case :).

Just keep in mind I only did a thorought check on hard this time around, and a quick look over normal. The next mod to check this should probably focus on the other two!
Kay, fixed it up. Should be better now. If there's anything else wrong with it, point it out so I can fix/upload and it gets ranked sooner. >_>
I think 00:58:38 (#4), 01:12:09 (#6), 01:45:94 (#11), and 01:59:65 (#10) sounds better when moved 1/3 backwards. I always get 50,100, or an X when I get past those beats...

Well thats my opinion, I suck at playing the game soooo...

EDIT: It REALLY sounds better now after you moved the hitobjects.
Make sure you redownload this map if you had it previous to this date - the mp3 has been updated with a shorter clipped version. If you don't, the timing will be off.
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