[o!std] KIRBY Mix Tournament 2 | Open Rank | 1v1 | EZChamp wins!

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So you think you can play KIRBY Mixes, huh?
Previous Iteration
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Thank you to Horo at Foxbox for sponsoring tablet covers as prizes!
Feeling generous? Donate directly to the prize pool here!

  1. This is an osu!standard, scorev2 tournament.
  2. This is a 1v1 tournament.
  3. The tournament will have a qualifier stage. The top 64 players from qualifiers will advance to the double-elimination bracket.
  4. Mappools for this tournament will consist of Starrodkirby86 maps and maps that are similar to or inspired by his style of mapping. Don't know of Starrodkirby86? Check out this video from pishifat that explains why his mapping is so iconic and special enough for its own tournament! TL;DR iconic old style mapping goodness
  5. A map in the Grand Finals of the tournament will be custom made by Starrodkirby86 specifically for this tournament!
  6. There will also be 4 custom maps in total from YokesPai and an3.
  7. This tournament is open-rank, meaning all players can sign up to play regardless of rank.
  8. The tournament will be applying to be badged, meaning standard rules related to that apply (notably a screened player list, but see here for more information)
  9. Matches will be streamed regularly every week during the tournament on the Twitch channel.
  10. If you register, you must join the Discord and set your server nickname to your osu! username.
  11. Staff are prohibited from participating in the tournament with the exception of Graphics Artists, Commentators, and Streamers.
  1. A mappool of 6 Starrodkirby86 maps will be made of gradually increasing difficulty.
    1. The first map starts at ~5★ and the last map starts at ~6.5★
  2. Lobbies of 13 players will be scheduled.
    1. Times will be chosen based on the availability provided on the signup form.
    2. Since lobbies can have 16 players max, there are 3 open spots in each lobby in case someone wants to reschedule to a different time compared to what they were given.
    3. If you miss your scheduled match, you may join the next available match or attempt to schedule to a later match if slots are open. Please notify the referee of the match if you're doing this so we can keep track.
    4. Since lobbies cannot be self-reffed and need their own referee for each match, extra lobbies will only be made if there is demand for them (at least 4 players). Please make sure you can play at times provided during signups out of respect for the tournament staff. Special exceptions can be made if there are extreme circumstances.
  3. The entire mappool will be played through twice.
  4. The highest score total of all 6 scores will determine if you qualify for the tournament (top 64) and what seed you are in the bracket stage.
  5. The mappool format of this stage is as follows:
    1. 3 FM | 1 HD | 1 HR | 1 DT (not necessarily in that order)
    2. Freemod maps can be played with no mod, HR, HD, EZ, FL, or any combination of said mods.
    3. There is no EZ multiplier.
Bracket Stage:
  1. Regarding the mappool, all maps that are listed as NM, HD, HR, DT, and TB are maps made or partly made by Starrodkirby86
  2. You're probably saying "There's no way there's enough beatmaps from the Kirby man himself to be able to make an entire round of 64 tournament with!", and you are right! Which is where the "Not Kirby" section of the mappool comes into play.
  3. The rules for Not Kirby are as follows:
    1. Similar to the previous iteration, Not Kirby will feature maps that are similar to or inspired by Kirby's mapping style.
    2. Unlike the previous iteration however, it is not freemod. The mods will be picked in a similar fashion to the Kirby maps in the mappool with a forced mod for each map.
  4. In the Grand Finals, there is also the addition of 1 Force Pick map. This map will be the Starrodkirby86 custom map. This is to ensure the hard work that Kirby put into his map can be shown off and played.
  5. The rules for Force Pick are as follows:
    1. The Force Pick map essentially takes up one NM slot for Grand Finals and will be played as if it was a NM map.
    2. You can select this map as your pick at anytime throughout the match.
    3. However, the map can not be banned and must be played at some point during the match.
    4. If a player advances to match point and the map has not been picked yet, the map will be "force picked" and played for that point. (In Grand Finals, this would be at 6 points)
  6. The mappool formats of this stage are as follows:
    1. Ro64: 11 maps | 2 NM | 1 HD | 1 HR | 2 DT | 4 NK [1 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 1 DT] | 1 TB | 1 Ban - Best of 7 - 5.0★
    2. Ro32: 13 maps | 2 NM | 2 HD | 1 HR | 3 DT | 4 NK [1 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 1 DT] | 1 TB | 1 Ban - Best of 9 - 5.5★
    3. Ro16: 13 maps | 2 NM | 2 HD | 1 HR | 3 DT | 4 NK [1 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 1 DT] | 1 TB | 1 Ban - Best of 9 - 6.0★
    4. QF: 17 maps | 4 NM | 1 HD | 1 HR | 2 DT | 8 NK [2 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT] | 1 TB | 2 Bans - Best of 11 - 6.5★
    5. SF: 17 maps | 4 NM | 1 HD | 1 HR | 2 DT | 8 NK [2 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT] | 1 TB | 2 Bans - Best of 11 - 7.0★
    6. F: 19 maps | 2 NM | 2 HD | 2 HR | 2 DT | 10 NK [4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT] | 1 TB | 2 Bans - Best of 13 - 7.5★
    7. GF: 19 maps | 1 FP | 1 NM | 2 HD | 2 HR | 2 DT | 10 NK [4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT] | 1 TB | 2 Bans - Best of 13 - 8.0★
  1. The match will start without you if you are not in the lobby 5 minutes after the scheduled match time.
  2. The referee will pick through the list of 6 maps in order. This will then be done a second time for a total of 12 plays on 6 maps.
  3. The highest score out of the 2 plays on each map will be added to your total score.
  4. A timer of 60 seconds between map picks will be in place to keep up the pace of matches. It is your responsibility to have downloaded the maps beforehand.
  5. If a player disconnects during the first 30 seconds of a map, they are allowed to replay the map at the end of the lobby.
  1. The mappools and schedules will be released one week before match time on Sundays. (USA timezone)
    1. If a reschedule is needed, please do so before 23:59 UTC on Thursday by coming to an agreement with your opponent in DMs and notifying of this change in the #reschedules channel. No reschedules will be accepted after this time.
  2. A referee will invite you to your chosen lobby come match time.
  3. In bracket stage, you forfeit the match if you are not in the lobby 10 minutes after the scheduled match time.
  4. In bracket stage, if both players do not show up, the player with the highest seed moves on.
  5. Matches will be played using Team VS and Scorev2
  6. When both players have joined the match, each player will type !roll in the multiplayer chat. The person with the highest roll will get first pick. (In matches with bans: First pick and second ban)
  7. Ban order for matches with 2 bans per player is ABAB
  8. Timers and how they're used:
    1. Picks: 90 seconds. If no pick is selected, the pick is passed to the next player. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward.
    2. Bans: 90 seconds. If no ban is selected, the ban is skipped for that player
    3. Ready Up: 60 seconds. If a player is not ready, the referee will force an !mp start 10 command, and the match will start in those 10 seconds regardless of if players are ready.
    4. When a map that is an offsite download is picked, timers will be lenient. All other instances will be strict.
  9. There are no warmups.
  10. No Fail will be enabled at all times in addition to any other mods.
  11. There are no restrictions on the order that maps are picked. (i.e. "double-picking" mods is allowed)
  12. There are instances where some maps are not uploaded to the osu! website. In this case, a player will be made host and they can pick the map manually for that pick.
  13. Players are allowed 1 free !mp abort during the first quarter of a map being played every match. The referee must be notified immediately after the map has started in the event that something has gone wrong that prevents the player from playing the map. No change in score will occur, the same map will be played, and you will be reminded that there will be no second abort under any circumstances.
  14. Do not request an !mp abort after the first quarter of the map. It will be ignored.
  15. In the case of a disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score (or a rough estimate of their hypothetical score if they finished the map), that score will be used as their final score; if it is at all ambiguous, the other player will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed.
  1. Registration: July 14th - July 29th
  2. Player Submission & Screening: July 29th ~ August 12th
    1. Don't play in Qualifiers if you know you won't make it past player screening unless you really feel like playing knowing you won't make it. If you're unsure, feel free to play and gamble.
  3. Qualifiers: August 5th - August 13th | Best of 6 Scores
    1. Spread over two weekends to allow easier scheduling for those going to COE 2023
  4. Round of 64: August 19th - August 20th | Best of 7
  5. Round of 32: August 26th - August 27th | Best of 9
  6. Round of 16: September 2nd - September 3rd | Best of 9
  7. Quarterfinals: September 9th - September 10th | Best of 11
  8. Semifinals: September 16th - September 17th | Best of 11
  9. Finals: September 23th - September 24th | Best of 13
  10. Grand Finals: September 30th - October 1st | Best of 13

🥇 1st Place: $100 + custom Foxbox tablet cover + a KMT2 profile badge🌟(pending)
🥈 2nd Place: $50 + custom Foxbox tablet cover
🥉 3rd Place: $25 + custom Foxbox tablet cover
🏅 4th-6th Place: 6 months osu!supporter

  1. Dollar amounts are in USD.
  2. Cash awards will be given via PayPal.
    1. If unable to be given this way, you can also choose between a similar amount in osu!supporter or Steam gift card.
  3. Donations to the prize pool will be factored into this list after the tournament concludes.
Host: Lolzep
Co-Hosts: TheHunter1 | YokesPai
Referee: Lefafel | Dragoncurve | Lolzep | P a t r i c k | SSScotty | TheHunter1 | Tycani | YokesPai | behavior | StayR | blephary
Streamer: Aetherian | Dragoncurve | Lolzep | P a t r i c k | Tycani
Commentator: ChillierPear | Dada | Lefafel | Lolzep | M I L E S | Starrodkirby86 | Tycani | Will Stetson | Woey
Mappooler: Lolzep | YokesPai
Playtester: ChillierPear | Cuckweezy | Lolzep | YokesPai | revoh | mode | AJT | Vertarix
Sheeters: Lolzep | YokesPai | ChillierPear
Graphics: ChillierPear
Stream Overlay: shdewz
We are looking for Streamers, Commentators, Referees, and Playtesters! DM @lolzep on Discord if you wish to help staff!

If you have concerns about this tournament that you feel should be elevated above the hosts, please use this tournament report link.
kirby mix
hell yeah
im gonna try myself in kirby mixes
this tourney sucks
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