[STD] 5 Digit United States Cup 2023 [10k - 99.9k] (Regs Closed!)

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  1. 5USC is a 3v3 osu! Standard tournament with a rank range of #10,000 to #99,999 with BWS applied: BWS Rank = rank^(0.99^(badges^2))
  2. Only players with a USA or USA territory profile flag will be allowed to participate.
  3. USA territories include: American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  4. If you have moved to the US from a different country and would like to participate, please reach out to the host (Zephyrco#9234) and I will ask for a proof of your residence in the US.
  5. No staff members are allowed to participate in the tournament other than streamers or commentators.
  6. Joining the discord is required for all players.
  7. Bracket seeding will be determined by having all registered teams play a Qualifiers mappool that consists of 4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, and 3 DT maps.
  8. Seeding will be based on an Average Sum of Placements calculation.
  9. Grand Finals will have a bracket reset if the team coming from the loser's bracket wins the first match.
  10. The top 32 teams will be automatically placed into a double-elimination bracket. In the case of over 32 signups the bottom seeds will play play-in matches to determine the last entrants into the bracket.
  11. States will be allowed to form B and C teams, who will play in a separate bracket.
  12. Players who are not in the rank range are allowed to register. However, if they are not strictly within the rank range by the time registration ends, their registration will be removed.
  13. Match schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before those matches should be played.
  14. Match schedules will be written in UTC.
Please read the rules doc for additional information or ask questions in the Discord!

Team Rules
  1. Teams will range from 4 to 6 members.
  2. Each player will be required to provide their state of residence at registration.
  3. If a player resides in multiple states (e.g. goes to school in a different state than home; divorced parents live in different states), then the player may choose their state at the time of registration only.
  4. If a player resides outside of the country, but still has a USA flag, the player is considered a resident of the state they last lived in, and all other registration rules follow accordingly.
  5. The organizer for each state will be selected by the hosts during registration.
  6. After registrations end, each organizer will be privately sent the list of players who signed up from their respective state via Discord DM.
  7. After registrations end, it is the organizer's responsibility to create a team for their state and submit it to the hosts during the Team Submission phase.
  8. All members of the team must be registered for the tournament, which can only be done during the Registration phase.
  9. If a player did not register for the tournament during the Registration phase, they will NOT be allowed to play the tournament. There are no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.
  10. The organizer is allowed to omit themselves from the team if they think it is right to do so, but they are still responsible for submitting their state's roster.
  11. Manual screening may be performed by staff to preserve competitive integrity.
  12. California will be split into North California and South California, with the city of Fresno, California as the border between the two. These two are treated as separate states for this tournament. Anyone living in Fresno may sign up for either team at the time of registration only.
  13. States in close geographic proximity that do not have enough players to form a team may be allowed to combine (e.g. Carolina, Virginia, or Kanssouri). Further combinations of states may be created at the discretion of the hosts.
  14. After combined states are created, all other states with fewer than 4 registered players will be combined into a single team referred to as Stateless.
Match Rules
  1. The match lobby will be created by the referee 10-15 minutes prior to match time, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captain is then responsible for inviting the rest of their team. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.
  2. Teams have a strict 10 minute grace period to have at least 3 players available to play the match. If 10 minutes pass and a team does not have enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default unless a reschedule is agreed upon within a timely manner.
  3. At the start of the match, both captains will !roll. The roll winner will decide either the pick or ban order. The other team will decide the order of the remaining order.
  4. No warmups will be allowed during any match.
  5. The referee is not allowed to play in the match.
  6. In the Play-In Stage/Round of 32 through Semifinals, each team is allowed 3 bans per match. Banned maps are effectively removed from the mappool for the duration of the match and are not allowed to be picked. The 3 bans may not all be from the same modpool (except NM).
  7. From the Finals onward, each team is allowed 2 bans per match. The 2 bans may not be from the same modpool (except NM).
  8. Teams have 90 seconds to ban a map; if they fail to ban in the allotted time, that ban is skipped.
  9. Teams have 90 seconds to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward.
  10. There is no restriction on map selection order; teams may select any available map at any time regardless of mod.
  11. For Freemod picks, at least 2 players per team will have to choose a mod, and there must be 1 HR/HDHR and 1 HD/EZ/EZHD (e.g. 1 player with HD, 1 player with HR, etc). Mods allowed are Hidden, Hard Rock, Flashlight, and Easy (HDHR will be counted as HR only).
  12. Freemod scores done with the Easy mod will be multiplied by 1.8.
  13. Players are allowed, but not required, to use mods on tiebreaker maps.
  14. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 90 seconds to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 90 second timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start command, and the match will start with whoever is in the lobby.
  15. In the case of a disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score (or a rough estimate of their hypothetical score if they finished the map), it will be added to their team's total score; if it is at all ambiguous, the other team will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed.

The Qualifiers mappool will consist of 11 maps:
4 NM | 2 HD | 2 HR | 3 DT
  1. Only one playthrough is permitted.
  2. Pool difficulty will be approximately ★6.0.
Bracket Stages
All bracket stage pools will be full sized:
6 NM | 3 HD | 3 HR | 4 DT | 3 FM | 1 TB
Additionally, NM6 may be replaced with a EZ/FL/HT map or generally just be a wacky / funny pick.
  1. Round of 32 -> Bo11 - 3 Bans | ★ 5.6
  2. Round of 16 -> Bo11 - 3 Bans | ★ 5.8
  3. Quarterfinals -> Bo11 - 3 Bans | ★ 6.0
  4. Semifinals -> Bo11 - 3 Bans | ★ 6.2
  5. Finals -> Bo13 - 2 Bans | ★ 6.4
  6. Grand Finals -> Bo13 - 2 Bans | ★ 6.6
Scaling may be adjusted based on scores*

As mentioned above, teams may not ban all 3 maps from the same modpool in RO32-Semis or double ban in Finals/GFs (except NM).

Notable Dates
  1. Registrations End -> March 31st at 23:59 UTC
  2. Team Submissions Due -> April 8th at 23:59 UTC
  3. Qualifiers End -> April 16th
  4. Round of 32 Start -> April 22nd
  5. Tournament End -> May 28th

Prizes below are for the main bracket only:

1st Place
Customized Banners | 50% of the Prize Pool

(Please note that this iteration will not be going for official tournament support.)

2nd Place
Customized Banners | 35% of the Prize Pool

3rd Place
Customized Banners | 15% of the Prize Pool

Current Prize Pool: $65 USD
If you'd like to donate to the prize pool, please dm Zephyrco#9234. You'll get a cool banner if you donate $5 or more :D

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