[STD] Palmo's No Mappool Tournament PNMT 50k-150K [Closed]

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Gimmick information
Each round will have a different requirement of what you need to put into your mappool. This can range from a specific mod all the way to a specific AR, OD or CS.
Each team is required to send staff their mappool at the start of the week to have it checked and sent to the other team
Each team can pick from the other teams mappool but isn’t required to (take it as doing a power move)
Any maps that could violate twitch or osu! TOS will be automatically removed and you will need to replace them
Sending in a mappool with stuff that violates twitch or osu! TOS more than ONCE may result in immediate disqualification
The Qualifiers will have a staff made mappool to make them as fair as possible


General Information/rules
- PNMT is a 2v2 ts4 tournament with a custom gimmick of having no mappool.
- You are required to be in the discord BEFORE registrations end.
- This is a double elimination tournament, meaning that if you lose once, you have a second chance! (Pools, schedule etc. will still be the same, you will just have to play two matches every weekend instead of 1, with the exception of RO16).
- You must be within the rank range (no rank buffer) until screening, or you will be unable to play.
- There will be screening, however this will be done manually by our staff, not osu! staff. If your profile is suspicious, we reserve the right to screen you out if suspicion is high on you. Examples of suspicious activity are: Low playcount/playtime (e.g. <5days, <5k playcount), suspicious activity in previous tournaments and previous infractions such as bans, however there may be other circumstances. You may appeal your screen if you think it is unfair, and we will consider overturning it.
- The only staff members that are allowed to participate in the tournament are: streamers and commentators.
- No badge :sadge:


Registrations: Now
Screening: 9th March 2023
Qualifiers: 17th - 18th March
RO32 - GF: each subsequent week


1st Place: Banner
2nd place: banner
3rd place: banner
Supporter prizes may come later


Host: foxy1919191919, -palmo
Poolers: foxy1919191919, -palmo
Playtesters: foxy1919191919, -palmo
Referees: foxy1919191919, -palmo
Streamers: -palmo
Commentators: foxy1919191919, -palmo
Sheeter: foxy1919191919

i might farm for this
Interesting gimmick nonetheless ty for the tourney
ar 11 abuse time
I dont get it :D

So.. will each round have a regular mappool, ON TOP of the player/team made ones?
Or what was meant by "picking from the opposing teams mappool is seen as a power move"?
looks interesting
oh hey its palmo :)
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Lunexia wrote:

I dont get it :D

So.. will each round have a regular mappool, ON TOP of the player/team made ones?
Or what was meant by "picking from the opposing teams mappool is seen as a power move"?
The players themselves "create" the mappool. There will only be a regular mappool for Qualifiers so it's fair for everyone. For your matches the other team and your team will create a part of the mappool. We are assuming the majority of the maps you add into the mappool are maps that you are good at, for example a stream player would add a lot of stream maps into his mappool so you are likely to win on your own picks, but if you want to pick one of the maps from the opponents mappool you can do that as well (Why would anyone do that).

I hope it's more clear now (join the discord if you have any more questions)
Jesus Christus
lol wann WB Tourney :trollge:
Time to start farming like a madman.

Edit: Jut farmed past 150k now it's time to shine baby.
Good luck
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