How crappy is my osu loadout really?

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I told some people what I was using to play osu and my settings and they laughed at me a lot. Is this really all that pathetic?

mouse: this logitech wireless mouse thing
keyboard: this logitech wireless keyboard thing ... 50?crid=27

tablet: wacom bamboo splash or whatever ... B0089VGPII

mouse, I use at 1.3x sensitivity.
keyboard, I alternate the D and F keys.
tablet I don't use very much, but I play full area mouse mode 2.3x sensitivity, keeping the pen held down on the tablet and hitting with D and F keys.

Is this reasonable? or am I a abomination to the osu world?
sorry if this is something over-posted, couldn't find any rules/guidelines (its probably somewhere obvious but can someone link me?) so I just guesstimated these forums go by common sense rules.
I'm using a shitty logitech mouse and keyboard here.
Nothing abnormal about using something that is not branded.
I also use a wireless logitech mouse and keyboard and I too use 1.3x when playing with mouse.
There is nothing wrong with what you are using, and those people who laughed at you deserve to be punished.
Should be just fine, I used a similar setup for awhile. Find out what you like and stick with it :D
I'd say you should be using the tablet at 1.0x osu! sensitivity, but I don't know if it actually messes with anything. I'd also say you should try to switch to hovering your pen, but that's really a preference thing.

Pettanko wrote:

Using 'mouse mode' on your tablet pretty much defeats the entire purpose of using a tablet to play osu!
I totally missed this. I guess it's really all your personal preference, but mouse mode really does defeat the purpose of using a tablet with osu!.
Using 'mouse mode' on your tablet pretty much defeats the entire purpose of using a tablet to play osu!, so I recommend using 'pen mode' and 1.0x whenever you're using it to play. Nothing wrong with your keyboard as long as there isn't a noticeable delay on input when you're pressing keys. As for your mouse, as long as it points to where you want it to go then it's fine, isn't it?
Wireless is cancer, thank you.

Any other sensitivity than 1.0 is cancer too.

But there is no need to waste money on shitty game, you can do quite ok with that setting.
I've played osu! until last friday with the same mouse then you (it's 1000dpi and I used 6/11 i, windows), but I had problems doing spinners and then changed to the razer deathadder and the difference was unbelievable. My spinning went from 250 spm average to 320 spm and my gameplay overall improved. I feel that I've made more improvement on my last 300 plays with my deathadder then i did in 3k plays on the logitech mouse.
There are so many maps i couldnt pass even after 30+ plays wich i passed in 1-3 plays since i have the deathadder. So for me just changing my mouse made a huge difference.

I've also changed from a dome to a mech keyboard(blacks) two weeks ago and for me changing from dome to mech didnt help alot.
i think everything there is fine except not using the tablet on 1.0x.
use pen mode...
Other than tablet set on mouse mode, yeah it's fine. Wireless isn't ideal, but it's still possible to set some good scores with it. If you're in a position to choose, I'd generally stay away from Logitech peripherals for gaming though; with the exception of the G400 mouse and Ultra X Flat keyboard, I haven't had great experiences with them.
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Well, I guess it's a relief to know that it's crappy, but I can still get by with it. I'm clearly committing a tablet sin though, so I guess I'll switch to 1.0x/pen mode/restricted area. Maybe I'm using my tablet all wrong is why I prefer mouse so much. @tomden very insightful answer, I do have trouble with spinners so I'll look into this deathadder in the future. I mean, as a broke kid (as someone mentioned, I didn't realize my age was public, fixing that shit asap) I don't exactly have $70 to drop on a gaming mouse when my PC can hardly play games anyway, so maybe when I start that paid internship junior year I'll be okay to upgrade.
i play on a laptop and my keyboard is pretty worn out. sometimes i would get a 5 ms response time but i'd just reset my laptop and it will be fixed for a while. and i use a tablet
You don't need to restrict your tablet area, full area is perfectly acceptable.
If it helps to elevate your self-esteem,I've played the game for 2 years, 1st year with a ball mouse(shit so old, it deserved to be an antique shop), and the second with this brandless mouse I got for a cheap price. My keyboard is 10 years old( it comes along as a set for the windows XP).

osu! aint about flashy expensive hardware, its about skill.

MarioBound wrote:

osu! aint about flashy expensive hardware, its about skill.
Rori Vidi Veni

MarioBound wrote:

osu! aint about flashy expensive hardware, its about skill.
You will see improvements with flashy expensive hardware, though.
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