[STD] Kage Cup | 2v2 | 35k-100k | [Player Regs Closed]

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⚫ Kage Cup is a 2v2 osu!standard international tournament for the rank range of 35k - 100k with a team size of 2

⚫ Every map will be played with No Fail and scoreV2

⚫ The tournament will be RO32 with a double elimination format

⚫ The only staff members allowed to play will be GFX, Streamers, and Commentators

⚫ Captains must be present within the discord

⚫ BWS will be enforced using the following formula: rank^(0.9937^(badges^2)/1)

⚫ The tourney will use the following screening criteria:
  1. PP spread of 250
  2. Not a full top 100
  3. Recent unban shown on graph
  4. Mininum of 6 days playtime
  5. Account must be 6 months old
  6. Sudden rank increase (Gain of 75k+ ranks in the span of 10 days)
  7. Deranking into range from registrations opening to close of registration
  8. One is permitted to play when they would reach the rank range from decay even they have a dip in their graph during any point of registration
  9. Decaying into range is allowed

⚫Teams will be pinged 15 minutes before the lobby begins and invites will go out to the captains 5 minutes before the lobby begins

⚫ It is highly advised to join the match before or on the scheduled time to avoid delays

⚫ If teams do not join after 5 minutes of the scheduled time they will be asked to schedule for another lobby

⚫ The maps will be played in the order of NM > HD > HR > DT

⚫ There will be a 60 second timer in between maps to expedite the qualifiers process

⚫ If there is a disconnect in a map the player(s) will be asked to play it after all other maps are completed

⚫ Last lobby allowed for Qualifiers will be Monday 4UTC

Bracket Stage
⚫Teams will be pinged 15 minutes before the lobby begins and invites will go out to the captains 5 minutes before the lobby begins

⚫ Consequences of being late are as follows:
  1. 5 minutes late results in loss of warmups
  2. 10 minutes late results bans being forfeited to the opposing team if they wish to use them
  3. 15 minutes results in forfeit of the match
  4. If both teams are late by 15 minutes the lower seeded team will forfeit the match
⚫ Teams may choose an optional warmup but it must not be:
  1. Over 4 minutes long
  2. From the Mappool of that stage
⚫ Both captains will then roll for pick/ban order
  1. The winner of the roll will be able to whether they want 1st pick or 1st ban
  2. 1st ban results in 2nd pick and 1st pick results in 2nd ban
⚫ Teams will have 60 seconds each to select their bans
  1. For stages containing 2 bans, the order will be A-B-B-A
  2. If a team fails to ban a map in the time given their ban will be skipped
  3. Double Banning and double picking will not be allowed
⚫ Teams will have 90 second timers to pick a map and 60 second timers to get ready after the map is picked
  1. If a team fails to pick a map in the time given their pick will be skipped
⚫ If there is a disconnect during the first minute or quarter of the map (whichever comes first), the map will be aborted and replayed
  1. In the case someone disconnects outside of the criteria they will still be able to submit their score through screenshot or video proof of the score
⚫Teams will be allowed one timeout each of 120 seconds
  1. In the event the timeout expires and the team member(s) are not present the match will be started regardless
Freemod rules are as follows:
  1. One HR/(HDHR(x0.95))
  2. One HD/(EZ(x1.8))/(EZHD(x1.8))
  3. Teams can choose to play any map from the Freemod pool with DT or HT if both agree
  4. In case of HDDT the score is multiplied by 0.95
⚫ Additional notes:
  1. All reschedules must take place before Friday 23:59UTC (Emergency reschedules will be allowed if both captains are fine with it)
  2. Tiebreaker will be played with freemod
  3. The tourney will use an Accuracy Pool where the maps will still be played with ScoreV2 with average accuracy as the win condition (consists of 1 DT and the rest will be NM)
  4. Async matches will NOT be allowed

Player Regs: Dec 18 - Jan 15

Qualifiers: Jan 20 - Jan 22 | 5.8* | 3NM/3HD/3HR/3DT

RO32: Jan 28 - Jan 29 | BO9 | 1 Ban | 5.3* | 2NM/3HD/3HR/2DT/1FM/3ACC/1TB

RO16: Feb 4 - Feb 5 | BO9 | 1 Ban | 5.5* | 2NM/3HD/3HR/2DT/1FM/3ACC/1TB

Quarter Finals: Feb 11 - Feb 12 | BO11 | 2 Ban | 5.7* | 3NM/3HD/3HR/2DT/2FM/4ACC/1TB

Semi Finals: Feb 18 - Feb 19 | BO11 | 2 Ban |5.9* | 3NM/3HD/3HR/2DT/2FM/4ACC/1TB

Finals: Feb 25 - Feb 26 | BO13 | 2 Ban | 6.2 | 3NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/3FM/4ACC/1TB

Grand Finals: Mar 4 - Mar 5| BO13 | 2 Ban | 6.5* | 3NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/3FM/4ACC/1TB

1st Place: 1st Place Banner + Discord Role + 4 Months Supporter

2nd Place: 2nd Place Banner + Discord Role + 2 Months Supporter

3rd Place: 3rd Place Banner + Discord Role + 1 month Supporter


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this is the osu tournament of all time
no wayy
35k ok but p cool tourney
эх была бы тима залетел бы. если кто хочет поучаствовать можете в личку написать
cough fart
it is time
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only about two more weeks better sign up
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