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Finally, here it is!
I'm not completely happy with the timing but it came out quite nicely for a first try.

Song: TAKE ON ME (metal remix)
Description: polished pattern order, with fun sliders and a nice ending.
Length: 2:00~ minutes (cropped)

Any comments/suggestions appreciated, enjoy!

Nice! I love this song. (Although I prefer the Reel Big Fish cover...) In my opinion, nice beatmap.
I like this song very much. The HP is very forgiving, but it did save me from one area. Since it was my first time playing (And listening) to the song, it was, of course, hard for me to get a good grade, it made my circle ring skills to find. It's nice, however. ^^

EDIT: I just realized I remember this song or something on the Naruto Fan Flash, or else it has the same melody. XD
Good work on this - excellent first attempt.

Adding to official list.
Short n sharp! My only complaint is that it's a bit too repetitive with the notes on the same spot.

Keep up the good work!
I really like it. It's very well done.

Very fast too, some parts were all X before I reacted. XD

Looking forward more songs!

Good job with this one.
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