PassCode - Catharsis

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 24 марта 2023 г. at 0:49:16

Artist: PassCode
Title: Catharsis
Tags: japanese jrock j-rock jpop j-pop pop rock female vocals vocalist ZENITH 高嶋楓 Takashima Kaede 南菜生 Minami Nao 今田夢菜 Imada Yuna 大上陽奈子 Oogami Hinako amats nemidnight Baack
BPM: 196
Filesize: 7211kb
Play Time: 03:50
Difficulties Available:
  1. Amats' Insane (4,89 stars, 771 notes)
  2. Melancholy (5,99 stars, 920 notes)
  3. nemi's Hard (3,76 stars, 708 notes)
Download: PassCode - Catharsis
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
(mapset by Me, Amats & nemidnight)



nemi's Hard - by nemidnight
Amats' Insane by - Amats
Melancholy by - mrforse

Other Stuff:

Hitsounds - by Baack

Thanks to :3

Ryxliee for moral help
Tanji for moral help and testplay
Tachibana for moral help and testplay
nemidnight for moral help
Baack for hs
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