- 39 - feat. 初音ミク | All Modes | SD / HD | 16:9 / 16:10 / 21:9

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The Miku skin from the Miku lover himself.

Of course I would make a Miku skin one day.
I also made a Preview Video for once, probably a bit weird but just an idea I had.

Introducing Modules!

After a couple months thinking about the idea for alternate versions of the skin, I finally decided to create Modules for the skin! (the name is a reference to Project Diva)

The first Module available is the Non-Weeb Module, but more will be added in the future!

You can answer the Google Form below to decide which Modules I'll release next!

Google Form Link

List of Available Modules


I also made a little tutorial on how to install them:

39 has a DAW-looking aesthetic, similar to that of software like FL Studio, along with other analog components, such as MIDI ports, Knobs, Dials and 7-Segment Displays.
I consider this skin to be special (guess why) and I'm very proud of it, so I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as i enjoyed making it!

Main Menu

Song Select

Pause / Fail


Ranking Panel

Download Here

Filesize (.osk): 43.59mb | Filesize (ingame): 63.4mb
Skin Version: 2.5
Animations: Back Button, Follow Point, Hit Bursts, Skip Button
Extras Folder Contains:
  1. 16:9, 16:10 and 21:9 Aspect Ratios as Modules
  2. Skewed & Normal Button Style
  3. Alternative Menu Background

Important Notice about using my Sounds

The sounds on this skin, as well as the sounds on my other skins were made by me, If you would like to use them on your skin, please ask for permission, and if you plan on releasing the skin, please give proper credit on your skins' post.

I absolutely will be playing with this. I love it so much!
- Marco -
Finally, a skin to surpass the fumo skin, it looks so cool, my favorite skin now :-DDDDDDD
Omfg, this is so good
I love it
And awesome preview video
Good job
this is soooo goood holy shit
Its here!!! Finally lets goooooo!
nice skin, one of the best skins i've tried in recent memory :D
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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!

  1. Fixed ScoreV2 Mod Icon having the "CN" Abbreviation
  2. Fixed 6K mania using the default Note in the last column (thanks Jianshyy)
Ssandi NImo
quick question, does this have mania skinning?
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extra_yeet wrote:

quick question, does this have mania skinning?
Yes, it's got all modes :)
This is so clean...

(kinda wanting the PSDs for the menus now..)
I love it !!!
Just a suggestion, but please add gameplay screenshots somewhere
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Thanks to everyone again for the comments!

So I was wondering about making additional variants of the skin, and I want to hear everyone's opinion on that, so I made a Google Form anyone can answer to see if I'll make alternate variants of the skin in the future, personally I think it's a cool idea but I would like other opinions as well!

Google Form Link (you can also find this link in the main post)
Absolute Banger
I love this!
Question, How do I download it? I'm kinda new to osu mania? Btw epic design

I found it, It was just the litterly **Download** button!
Love the skin it's amazing
I f*cking hate Mediafire, i was downloading this skin and then a pop up tab came up for me to download and i assumed it was the skin so i did, ZIP file on my PC, windows doesn't really like the file on the drives, check it out and its a f*ckin trojan horse type virus, holy sh*t people are not friendly

P.S good skin

sinscerely, a boy who can't spell
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Thanks everyone again for the positive comments!

Introducing Modules!
After a couple months thinking about the idea for alternate versions of the skin, I finally decided to create Modules for the skin, More details in the main post!
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