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The song Pump Me Amadeus by BanYa is based off "Rock Me Amadeus" I believe. Even though it's featured in Normal, the high BPM (Well, it's not very high, but nevertheless) of 169 can make it a little difficult to move around. There are a lot of sliders in this, my favorite is the one before the last chorus (You'll see, it's green and it has a repeating thingie, and it's long). Anyway, you can't make a bunch of room for error, especially the 16th gallop part, where it's kind of cramped. So you can maybe consider this a good practice of mastering sliders. :lol:

I hope you enjoy it, and as always I 100% appreciate any feedback that comes.
nice job!

cleared with C, no modifiers :D
i liked the beatmap a lot, tho my only complain is the notes are kinda far from eachother, and that makes it tiring for the hand :P

other than that, the sliders drain way too much hp, but i'm sure that's a problem with the game :D

congrats on your work :P
Love this song! Great fusion of classical with modern techno! Great work on the beatmap also, not too hard but enough to make things interesting :D

My only suggestion would be to vary the bits where you copied/pasted. Even if it means as little as moving the notes around, flipping/mirroring them, or adding in a couple of notes, it helps to keep the player guessing and breaks the patterns up!

Great work as always!
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Thanks for the great comments. :D

Yeah, the notes are pretty far, though I didn't notice that, but once I finished the song, my hand started to hurt. I simply thought I was just suffering simple carpal tunnel syndrome. XD

I try to make it symmetrical as possible with the notes, so copy/pasting I really like to do, but I forget that some parts only come once so it doesn't nessacarily work. Emergency though was beautiful because it sure looked symmetrical at first glance (When Ctrl + A). I still love this song, nevertheless. ^^
Nice work on this one. It reminds me of a DJMax track (a mozart techno remix I think?) and has a very nice feel to it!

Keep it up :)

Edit: Added to official list.
Finally played it! It is very nicely done, easy fast song.. if that is somehow 'easy' for some people. :D
There's something sinister about the green slider at :57ish. It seems to always trigger a chain break for some reason. Not being a creator myself, I have no idea what's going on, but it seems irregular.

Other than that, an extremely enjoyable beatmap.
I'll have a look into this tonight - hopefully its not a bug at my end! :<

Edit: uploading new version - with the slider fixed up.
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