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beatmapsets/790928#osu/1659472 The final slider from this map has a special type of slider that I would like to incorporate into my own map, but I am having trouble copying it. Does anyone know how to make one?
could you be more specific?
03:07:200 (2) - this one question mark? if so its just a million red slider nodes over top of each other back and forth and then some normal slider nodes to make the shape of the slider at the end. It was probably made with some sort of slider tool but can be made by hand fairly easily. You cant just rip the slider from that map tho without permission from the creator, so copy/pasting isnt really an option
oh. it says which slider right there. the final one. yes. my bad indeed.

i'll give you the minimal breakdown on its behaviour with my second hand knowledge.

slider balls are a bit hacky in the way that they progress. naturally, they update every millisecond, as do most other things in game. this updates based on the slider path's segments. how osu! handles segments is, to my understanding, that each segment is a line from a to b, created to minimise the segment count. the slider ball then updates based on how many milliseconds it spends in each segment, dividing it into fractions accordingly. if it spends 3ms in a segment, then it will apear at its beginning at 1ms, at 1/3rd progress at 2ms, and 2/3rds at 3ms. (i wouldn't be shocked if these specific numbers were incorrect). this is called segment progress quantization. deranged, right?

this works fine until you get to really high speeds with long, linear segments, at which point, in the case of lullaby, it will appear at the beginning and start of each segment repeatedly, as it only spends 1ms on each segment.
the above comment (the one made by the person who can read) is correct in the sliders structure. to elaborate, if you want to recreate the million red nodes going back and forth, i would say the easiest thing to do is to place down what you want to repeat, isolate those specific slidernodes in the .osu, and copy paste them repeatedly. you can calculate the necessary amount, or you can just hold down ctrl+v and then run Mapping Tools's Slider Completionator tool with these settings, and then refine it afterwards
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