The Strokes - You Only Live Once

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Hi guys..
I finally completed my very first experiment..

It's a simple song, and I tried to make it playable for beginners.. So It's just 2 stars..
I also edited it awfully.. 2 times.. one before the chorus and another in the end (oh gosh.. :oops: )
But the beats still worked so i leaved it like this.. the full song was so long and repetitive (now it's only 1:30)..

I hope you'll like it.. feel free to correct it!

As you can see i don't have any fantasy using sliders.. please give me some advices.. :mrgreen:

ps- i'm sorry for my english (please tell me when I make mistakes!)
Nice work JacoPop! And a great song choice, too :D Everything works well, and like you said, it's nice and short and easy to play. I've added it to the official recommended list for beginners!

With sliders, try and have a play around with the curved ones - they take a bit of time to get used to, especially Bezier curves. If you need some help, I'll be happy to give it!

Oh and don't worry about your English, I'm sure it's better than my Italian :mrgreen:

I like the song very much, and its beatmap. I just never expect a song for beginners were to have eighths, but that's not a bad thing. XD

I liked how you put the spinners in the beginning and how the sliders were nice. Yeah, they are kind of straight, but they do fit the beat/rhythm of the song. It's very good, though I felt a little cramped at some parts, though I guess that's all right. I love it. By the way, your English is just fine, there's nothing really bad about it. ;)
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