[4K] [NM/GD] Hydria's Extra+ Modding Queue [OPEN]

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- Please only maps you're pushing for ranked
- At least one difficulty on the set needs to be 5.25*+ (if it's 5.24*, make it harder)
- If your map is massively overweighted (like BZ) I will probably deny it
- Anime / general Rock music is prob going to be a no
- Maps will be accepted based on how I feel so if you don't get in, gl next time

Artist-Title -
Difficulties (SR) -
Map Link -

Arist-Title - DJ Myosuke & Noizenecio - Architecture
Difficulties (SR) - Advanced (2.56), Hard (3.26), Insane (4.36), Extra (5.28), Extreme (6.06), Obliteration (7.22)
Map Link - beatmapsets/1022162#mania/2919366

- Camellia - Z:iRNiTRA

- Camellia - Circles of Death - Whilst I think the diff needs a lot of improvement I do kinda still wanna see it through.

- TOC- Rule 2 Violation
- Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP? - Rule 3 Violation
- Blue Zenith - Blue Zenith
- Yukiotoko - Rule 1 Violation
- Blackmagik Blazing - Rule 3 Violation (Mixed LN died in 2019)
- Oshama Scramble! (Uncut Ver.) - Rule 2 Violation
- Let's Go Crazy (From Sing 2) - Rule 2 Violation
- Neo-Aspect - Rule 2 Violation
- Hachigatsu, Bou, Tsukiakari - Rule 2 Violation
- Blue Desire - Rule 2 Violation
- artefatto vita - Rule 3 Violation
- Belly Flopper - Rule 2 Violation
- Can You Feel My Heart (lullaby) - Rule 2 Violation
- ZENITH - Rule 2 Violation
- Someone Else - Rule 2 & Rule 4 Violation

Personal Reasons:
- Exit This Earth's Atomosphere - Left a post on the thread, just really wasn't interested
- Gimme chocolate!! - how can you use vocal representation on the longjack parts and then turn it into a drum chart straight after that's offensive
- Shooting Star - ironically i would've liked this to be more pure jack map instead of mixed LNs w/ vocals, but i'll hype it because i like the concept anyway
- Last Resort - I really don't care for xi songs
- #1f1e33 (#00102g version) - what i'm hearing and what i'm seeing notes wise really just don't match up, practice a bit more in the realm of dubstep-style mapping and then come back to this
- Arcaea Songs Compilation - you need to learn to track mix; the hard cuts between songs is jarring at best and i had to stop listening 25% through. no comment on the map itself
- Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia - this doesn't need mods for me
- Under Construxion - it is clear to me that you don't understand the full fundamentals of jack patterning from this chart and they were more of a second thought here, if i were you i'd look at jack charts from other mappers (mostly unranked since most of the jack charts ranked kinda suck) and try and figure out why things are laid out the way they are
- Fastest Crash - it's not you it's the song, i'd rather be listening to radio silence
- Einherjar Joker - not my thing really, both the song and the mapping style, though you should have absolutely no issue with ranking it with other people honestly
- Divine Light of Myriad - not a fan of the song mostly, also this is not close to controversial lmao
- Melancholia (e_ku's Desolation Remix) - song is kinda one-dimensional and not something i wanna subject my ears to for a long period of time for modding
- 1nput This 2 Y0ur Spine - just gonna keep it short: not a fan of this mapping style myself
- Hoshi o Kakeru Adventure ~ we are forever friends! ~ - i'm sorry but the entire top diff would need a full rework before it even came remotely close to ranked. feel free to come back once you've had someone help you out with that though
- Agito - I just can't justify this dump patterning in my head in correlation to the song
- The 'Fun' In Dysfunction - really just isn't my genre of music sorry man
- Juvenile - something about this is just not for me, i think some sections in the top diff just go a bit too hard relevant to the sounds produced in comparison to the actual intense parts, it feels like it's cramming difficulty in where it's not needed.
- All The Way - This was more well done than it had any right to be, alas I still don't want to listen to this song over and over again.
- Anoyo-iki no Bus ni Notte Saraba - I'm just not an LN heavy guy, looks like a good practice map for LNs and jacks though.
- Cross Fire - The jumptrills only increase by .4 compared to the alternative so it's not the worst thing, but I also just dont have interest in the way this map is laid out in general.
- Deadly Force - Honestly, my advice would be just look at the qualified version for ideas (I also modded that one).
- Vindication(Extended) - The density of the map doesn't match what i can hear in the music personally so i can't really mod this without saying that most of it needs redoing, sorry.
- End of Fairytale - In just the first 5 seconds alone I have so many concerns for density consistency that if I did mod this in the way that I do, 75% of the notes in this map would have a mod against it and I don't have that time.
- Scattered Faith - Less inspired than other versions of the same difficulty, and falls under the same vibro-rolls trope that every other version does. Seen it all before.
- Vicious Heroism - ehhhhh I think there's a lot of room for improvement here, i.e. desnity priority at 00:35:756 - , 00:49:584 - this pattern in terms of hand balance, missing melody usage at 01:00:834 - , overall over-anchor usage and some overmapping, 01:50:697 (110697|3,110756|3) - this, etc. Maybe if you get like 5 people to look at it beforehand i might take another look.
- Darekare Scramble - if this wasn't 4 minutes, then maybe... i might still come back and mod like half of it tbh idk how i feel about this map yet lmao
- Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia - I have a big concern over density in this entire chart tbh, also press Ctrl-Shift-A and make sure your notes are all snapped correctly.
- <</nttld.:beings>> ~Truth in Uncertainty~ - There was enough in the first 2 mins of things I heard contrasting against notes I saw that I'd either ask for quite a rework or not have a mod that satisfies your mapping style.
- Chain of Pain - I'm very on the fence about this one because essentially the bulk of the difficulty comes from 20% of the map aka the kiai time but its not a bad map otherwise.
- Fallen Symphony - Not really vibing with this one honestly, also might need a retime in certain areas.
- Motherless Miscarriage - Not really my type of music honestly.
- I.R.I.S - Would need a massive density and snapping overhaul before I began looking at it.
dw about the fact that i made that post and delete it shhhhhhhhhhh >.<

is this rankable? because i kinda wanna make a full set of a tv size lolicore anime song ranked that seems funny to me

Arist-Title - Mayoi Namekuji - hayburid
Difficulty(SR) - 5.66*
Map Link - beatmapsets/1673856
Last Time You Played Minecraft - 3 monnths ago
Artist-Title - Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's "PLANETARY//200STEP" Remix)
Difficulty(SR) - Insurrection 5.28
Map Link - beatmapsets/1632500#mania/3332323
Last Time You Played Minecraft - 2 weeks ago
Arist-Title - THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Deai Machi (Cut Ver.)
Difficulty(SR) - 4.44
Map Link - beatmapsets/1687454#mania/3448641
Last Time You Played Minecraft - right now
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Flade wrote:

Arist-Title - THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Deai Machi (Cut Ver.)
Difficulty(SR) - 4.44
Map Link - beatmapsets/1687454#mania/3448641
Last Time You Played Minecraft - right now
read the rules
Hello, luckily i have a map with high sr want to have some mod.. This map going to ranked once my friend finished the other gd. So while waiting that, i will look for some mod. So here's the map :

Arist-Title - BABYMETAL - Gimme chocolate!!
Difficulty(SR) - SPECIAL CHOCOLATE (5.33)
Map Link - beatmapsets/504192
Last Time You Played Minecraft - I've never played it, sorry

Thank you so much!
Arist-Title - Mori Calliope - Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP? (ReeK's "Dude Whats A Genre" Remix)
Difficulty(SR) - single diff
Map Link -
Last Time You Played Minecraft - 2 hours ago
Arist-Title - xi - Blue Zenith
Difficulty(SR) - ~calming skies~ (6.44)
Map Link - beatmapsets/1683404#mania/3439539
Last Time You Played Minecraft - a long time ago
Arist-Title - uma vs. モリモリあつし - Shooting Star feat. Risa Yuzuki
Difficulty(SR) - 5.35
Map Link - beatmapsets/1626667#mania/3320889
Last Time You Played Minecraft - it's been so long such that I can't even remember

note: sv wip, need to make sure the patterns are good enough before finalizing sv
Arist-Title - かねこちはる - Yukiotoko
Difficulty(SR) - 6.05*
Map Link - beatmapsets/1689854#mania/3453318
Last Time You Played Minecraft - a few months ago
Arist-Title - Camellia - +ERABY+E CONNEC+10N
Difficulty(SR) - 5.66
Map Link - beatmapsets/1588719#mania/3244901
Last Time You Played Minecraft - few days ago
if no blue zenith because blue zenith then take my party people

Arist-Title - Laur - Party People
Difficulty(SR) - Climax (6.44)
Map Link - beatmapsets/1666932#mania/3403665
Last Time You Played Minecraft - a long time ago
Arist-Title - xi - last resort
Difficulty(SR) - 6.52
Map Link - beatmapsets/1288335#mania/2678990
Last Time You Played Minecraft - yesterday
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This queue is still open btw 🙄
I dont have 5* map :,c
hola : )

Artist-Title - paraoka - L9
Difficulty(SR) - Progressive 5.42
Map Link - beatmapsets/1565681#mania/3197091
Last Time You Played Minecraft - 7 years ago

Arist-Title -#1f1e33 (#00102g version)-CAMELLIA
Difficulty(SR) -(insane-6.27*)
Map Link -
Last Time I Played Minecraft -1 hours ago
Ventilo le vrai

Arist-Title - Camellia - Blackmagik Blazing
Difficulty(SR) - Expert(5.7*) - Vortical's Extra(6.5*) - Nasty Spell(7.02*)(top diff is priority if you can't mod the 3 diffs)
Map Link - beatmapsets/1309565#mania/2714841
Last Time You Played Minecraft - Last week
heyo owo

Arist-Title - D_AAN - Another Me
Difficulty(SR) - 5.63*
Map Link - beatmapsets/1662281#mania/3397147
Last Time You Played Minecraft - 8 years ago lmao

thank -w-
Arist-Title - Laur - Party People
Difficulty(SR) - melody's unleashed! (6.07*)
Map Link - beatmapsets/1666932#mania/3505808
Last Time You Played Minecraft - still 4 months ago minecraft isn't fun without friends to play with

i think the 32nd runningmen may need a nerf not sure though
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