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I'm working on a massive hitsound library, with all the hitsounds needed so mappers can have an organized place to have all the hitsounds we would ever need. I obviouslt have the basics, but i was wondering if there are any suggestions to sounds wanted in the library and also if you've ever needed a sound but couldn't find it anywhere

i thank in advance and hope you'll take some time from your day so this library can be as overall complete as possible:3

- Around 4 years of experience in music production
- Many years of playing multiple instruments
- I just enjoy music idk i know what sounds are good xD
lasse already has a hitsound pack, tho another one coming from an actual music producer's gonna be kidda cool
As well as lasse's theres also this: wiki/en/Guides/Custom_Hitsound_Library of course, if you havent already collected the hitsounds from both of those lol. The wiki one has some good ones hidden amongst the random crap
foxy's hs pack is pretty massive
Natteke has nice set of hitsounds on his profile as well
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