Uploaded my first beat map. One problem though..

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After I uploaded it, I discovered the song I was using 'Hallmore - Piece of Me' was copyrighted by Epidemic Sounds.

After contacting them, they specifically told me it is royalty-free, if you have the subscription, otherwise you aren't even allowed to use the song.

Because I don't wanna a legal battle, and because I uploaded it yesterday, I'd like to know how to delete it. I'm happy the support over at Epidemic were nice and explained me everything and didn't do a DMCA straight away, and I'd like to keep it that way, so, how do I delete the map from the servers?

Awaiting a reply from you
Best regards, Nyxwwastaken :D
wiki/en/People/The_Team/Global_Moderation_Team#team-members contact someone with the role "mapping/modding community moderation"
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