[STD - Regs Closed] Zen's Multi Tourney (6-Digit: Speed) | 1v1 #100,000-999,999

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Please join the Discord and fill out the forms for registration!

We are also currently looking for staff. So if you're interested, please DM the host @FrostyGamations#2166.

Player Registration | Main Sheet | Discord Link | Twitch | Twitter

  1. This is the first iteration of Zen's Multi Tourney (ZMT) and the mappool will consist of speed maps. The plan is to have all iterations of ZMT cover every rank range and skill category in osu! as they progress. For example, with this iteration being 6-Digit: Speed the next iteration might be 6-Digit: Aim.
  2. This iteration will be a 1v1 - Standard tournament.
  3. ScoreV2 & NF will be enforced during each match.
  4. Rank range will be 100k-999k; with a 7k rank buffer.
  5. Badged 6-digit players are allowed to play.
  6. All matches will be in UTC time, so please convert your timezone to UTC here.
  7. Grand finals will have a bracket reset, if necessary.
  8. Semi-finals, Finals, and Grand Finals will be streamed. Other matches may be streamed depending on the availability of streamers & commentators.
  9. Please note that tourney staff may not participate in the tournament unless they are a streamer, commentator, or referee. Referees may not ref their own match.
  10. Your nickname in the Discord server MUST match your osu! username.
  11. Best-ofs and bans for the tournament are as follows:

    Ro128: BO5
    Ro64: BO7
    Ro32: BO7
    RO16: BO9
    QF: BO9
    SF: BO11
    F: BO11
    GF: BO13

    1 ban from Ro128 to F.
    2 bans for GF.

Date Scheduling

Registrations Deadline: Feb 1
Screening: Feb 2 - Feb 9
Qualifiers: Feb 11 - 13
Round of 128: Feb 19 - Feb 20
Round of 64: Feb 26 - 27
Round of 32: Mar 5 - 6
Round of 16: Mar 12 - 13
Quarterfinals: Mar 19 - 20
Semi-finals: Mar 26 - 27
Finals: Apr 2 - 3
Grand Finals + Bracket Reset: Apr 9 - 10

  1. Dates & Times for lobbies can be found on the Main Sheet.
  2. Players may register for only ONE lobby.
  3. If you miss your lobby time, you may register for another unfull lobby.
  4. If a player disconnects during the first 30 seconds of a map, that person has to stay after the lobby to replay that map.
  5. Only the TOP 128/64 players will qualify (depending on how many players register).

🥇 1st place - 4 months osu! Supporter / Paypal (USD equivalent) + Player Banner

🥈 2nd place - 2 months osu! Supporter / Paypal (USD equivalent) + Player Banner

🥉 3rd place - 1 month osu! Supporter / Paypal (USD equivalent) + Player Banner

  1. Lobbies will be made about 15 minutes before the matches are scheduled to start.
  2. If a player from a lobby is missing, there will be a 15 minute grace period allowed for them to join. After 10 minutes the player will lose a ban & after 15 minutes they forfeit the match and the other player will win by default.
  3. If both players are missing, there will be a 15 minute grace period. If both players fail to show up; both forfeit the match.
  4. Each player is allowed to choose ONE warm-up map. This map MUST NOT exceed 3 minutes and may be played with Free Mods on.
  5. Each player will use the !roll command after warmups for the banning and picking phase. The winner of the roll will get to choose pick order/ban order. The loser of the roll will get to choose for the unchosen options. For example; If Player 1 rolls 20 and Player 2 rolls 60, Player 2 wants to choose ban order & they may choose to ban first or second. That leaves Player 1 with the option to choose from pick order and may choose to pick first or second. If you are still confused, the referees will help you during the match.
  6. Each player will be allowed 60 seconds to pick their ban. Once two bans are enabled; players are allowed to ban two maps from the same category. For example; Player 2 can choose to ban both HR1 & HR2 during their banning phase then Player 1 may choose to ban NM1 & NM2.
  7. Picks will occur in alternating order. Players are given 2 minutes to pick their map. If a map is not chosen, the pick will go to the other player.
  8. Players are allowed to double pick from the same category. For example, Player 1 may pick NM1 then pick NM2 on their next turn.
  9. A map will be aborted if a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of the map. If there is a disconnect and the map is not aborted, the score for that player will be marked as a 0 UNLESS a score is provided. ABORTS ARE ALLOWED ONCE PER PLAYER, PER MATCH.
big moves
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7270 wrote:

big moves
The biggest of moves.
Somehow I friended the host…… What happened?
round of 65
i suck at speed but lets go
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TangyZhangy wrote:

Good morning.
fuck i cant put this down

also pog EZHR and HDEZFLHR is allowed
5k rank buffer pls 😳
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Aizen2k20 wrote:

5k rank buffer pls 😳
Already added. There's a 7k rank buffer.
who is zen
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_Zen_ wrote:

who is zen
I am the real Zen.

ZenthiusEscalus wrote:

Aizen2k20 wrote:

5k rank buffer pls 😳
Already added. There's a 7k rank buffer.
7k ? Well
Joon Yorigami
oh no rank buffer derankers are gonna get in nooooooo
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Yhuan Debeste wrote:

oh no rank buffer derankers are gonna get in nooooooo
First tourney, I'll see how things go. If that becomes an increasing problem, it'll be removed or limited for the next one.
I'm very curious to see how is this staff gonna deal with the fact that speed mostly doesn't exist under 5.2*.
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