Shirokuma シロクマ [16:9][STD, CTB]

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Shirokuma シロクマ

Here is my 3rd Skinning Project!
for Tides of Winter Skinning Contest
It's a winter-themed skin with Polar Bear(シロクマ) as the centerpiece!
-Video Preview-
Dropbox v2.1
credits on credit.txt

v1.1 | 12/6/21
cursor change
v1.2 | 12/8/21
Added pause-(back,continue,retry,replay). fixed ranking-panel ranking-perfect hitcircleoverlay also combo colors
v1.3 | 12/9/21
fixed colors
v1.4 | 12/14/21
minor update
v1.5 | 12/14/21
Fixed result screen, Added catch the beat fruits
v2.0 | 1/8/22
Added winter-theme elements and added mode-osu-med (thanks RockRoller for the feedback)
v2.1 | 1/15/22
Fixed big issue in v2.1 (ranking-SH.png and ranking-X.png)
ctb skin pogchamp!
Here is my feedback on this skin, some positive, some negative, some simply my opinion/preference. Please be aware that this is only for menus and standard as i don't play the other modes

  1. sad that majority of the skin is in SD
  2. non-default selection-tab would be nice to see
  3. overall the toppart doesnt align perfectly and has some unpretty spots due to that: (if you do not know how to fix this please refer to the tutorial)
  4. the icon isnt centered on the spinning background
  5. mode selection is missing
  6. pause/fail and ranking panel arent wintery
  7. the numbers dont align with the ranking panel boxes
    Overall the skin could take a lot of polishing, but the main issue is that the theme isn't that strongly represented outside of the song selection. The pause/fail screen and the ranking panel really need more theming
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Version 2.0 Update
Added mode-osu-med, fail-background, pause-overlay and more.
Fixed some stuff but not all. (I don't have enough time.)
thanks, @RockRoller for the feedback.
too good
fockn love it dwuigadajkhdba
my first vote and possibly my new favorite skin
i don`t post but i liked this skinning contest then i went to download everyone of them to see what i would like and this is my opinions about your skin
HitCircle is good
the spins circle is great
HitSound is good
cursor is unique n neat
the main menu`s icons looks neat
scorebar is neat
rank panel is neat
the key overlay are default
pause n fail menus are neat
section passed/failed are default
catch gameplay: i think there was missing files so :(
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