Banya - Beethoven Virus

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 4:35:14 PM

Artist: Banya
Title: Beethoven Virus
BPM: 162.01
Filesize: 3697kb
Play Time: 01:37
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (0.96 stars, 86 notes)
  2. Hard (4.75 stars, 215 notes)
  3. Insane (5 stars, 256 notes)
  4. Normal (2.84 stars, 122 notes)
Download: Banya - Beethoven Virus
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Beethoven Virus: Final Version.

Overall difficulty and HP drain rate for Normal version lowered to near the Normal range.

Fade in time fixed
I encourage you to read our beatmapping faq located here.

No offset, notes not timed, no spacing...nothing good.

Try an offset of 5,298 and a BPM of 162.01 and remake your map. This of course after you've thoroughly read the beatmapping FAQ.
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I see. I've read the FAQs throughly and I understood the guide.

Thanks. I'll remake the map.

I made the BPM 162.05 though, not much difference...

I still need a good guide on making sliders.

EDIT: Edited beatmap in accordance to the guides
Normal Difficulty:

Looking better, atleast it is timed better now - most of it.

Very first slider: quarter beat too early.
0.14.92: quarter beat too early.
0.26.68: quarter beat too early.
0.30:47: entire set quarter beat too early. End of examples.

Beat Spacing still needs some work.

and again, BPM: 162.01.

Also, try and keep your combos under 10. (I personally keep them under 6)
By no means a requirement, just a personal opinion.

Good luck.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
For such an easy map, 0.25x won't be necessary.

If you look at the timeline, any notes NOT placed on a white or red tick are probably off-beat.

Edit: here's a fixed version. Added a lil' spinner at the end.

Download: Banya - Beethoven Virus (flyboy87) [Normal].osu
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Do you mean that the note has to be in the middle of the white/red tick so that it won't be off-beat? Or does the note just have to have the tick somewhere around the circle?

And the spinner is cool. Thanks!

flyboy87 wrote:

Do you mean that the note has to be in the middle of the white/red tick so that it won't be off-beat? Or does the note just have to have the tick somewhere around the circle?

And the spinner is cool. Thanks!
No, it does not. Just that for the way you created this map, there are no notes that were intended to be on a quarter tick.

You basically placed ALL notes on a 1/2 scale. Thus any notes appearing on blues (on a 1/4 scale) are off beat since they were intended to be placed on full (white) or half (red) ticks. 1/2 = only red and white.
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EDIT: Final version updated. Hard difficulty included.
Hard mode;

Looking better. Spacing is not perfect, for example 00:27:51. 11 is spaced further than it should be.

00:09:27: these three are all a quarter beat too early.

01:10:01: Slider is A) quarter beat too early and B) quarter beat too long.

Overall, not looking too bad. The spacing issues are very minor.

Normal mode;

All good. Minor spacing stuff.

Easy mode;

All good. Minor spacing as well.

All modes:

1) Shorten your combos. Try not to go over ten.
2) The sliders are unnecessary. Either remove them, or make them longer. Ending sliders do not need to end on a beat, IMO. So what you could do is run a slider from 01:36:03 to
01:38:25. Note that this is OPTIONAL I am not instructing you to do this.

I hereby grant you a . Grats! :P
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Yeah! Thanks for the star!

Edited, once more.


1) Comboes will not exceed ten.
2) Maps spaced manually - More precision involved. (Easy was excluded this time though... I kinda forgot about that.)

Looking for the video now. :D
Easy mode;

suggestion: 01:17:69: put these two on top of each other like the previous couple to avoid confusion.

This map is not placed correctly. Please use timing -> resnap all notes.

Ugly slider is still placed.

Fix the resnap, and you'll get my approval.

Man, do I wanna map an insane mode for this song... :P
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Edited: For the third time today, I believe. XD
Keeping the spinner, eh. Well, whatever.

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Edit: "Insane" version added
Great maps. I would suggest lowering the overall difficulty and/or drain rate for normal slightly, but if you'd like to keep it this way, that's fine.

Gets my approval, so after you confirm the difficulty this can be ranked.
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Drain rate and overall difficulty lowered.

Thanks for the reply!
Personally I'd knock down the fade-in time on normal one more. But otherwise good map. You're showing a lot of dedication with all of your fixes :)

But, there's one thing. And do correct me if I'm wrong flyboy, but I want to point this out to see how other mods feel about it. (So do not worry about correcting this just yet)

(hard difficulty) It seems that notes spaced a full beat apart were placed with the .5 distance snapping, and the half beats were placed with .6 snapping. It's rather minor, but it caused me some confusion when switching from half beats to full beats. The same type of thing occurs in normal mode from what I noticed too. Is this enough to make this song unrankable? The consistancy of the notes still is not bad though (it seems all the half beats were placed with .6, same with full beats) but I just want to clarrify before I send this to the rankings. Other than that though, nothing is holding this map back (and maybe just that fade-in speed)
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For this song I used only the 1/4 beat snap divisor.

Could that be the the reason?

Fixed fade in time for Normal!



Brah~vo, sirrah.

The beat spacing is pretty tricky on this map because of how close all the notes are, but because of the fact that you followed this beat spacing religiously, it's 100% A-Okay. I had to attempt this a second time after watching the editor play it, but then I nailed it. The sliders on hard are a bit unforgiving for Hard, but dare I say, "Suck it up, Princess", and this one goes to the charts.

EDIT: Well, apparently there's a fifth osu [Impossible] that I didn't have - you better not have screwed it up, because it got ranked without me seeing it =|
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