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Okay, most people like finding out what type of personality they have
This is a quick version of the Myers-Briggs personality test based on Carl Jung's theory (if you don't know him, all you need to know for now is that he's relevant for psychology)
Answer the test with honesty but don't overthink it. It's supposed be answered spontaneously.
The longer you take on each question, the less accuracy it will probably have.
When finishing the test, you're going to get 4 letters as the result

They stand for
Extraverted vs Introverted
Sensing vs iNtuition
Thinking vs Feeling
Judging vs Perceiving

Also, every type has a name
ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
ESTJ - The Guardians
ISFJ - The Nurturers
ESFJ - The Caregivers
ISTP - The Mechanics
ESTP - The Doers
ESFP - The Performers
ISFP - The Artists
ENTJ - The Executives
INTJ - The Scientists
ENTP - The Visionaries
INTP - The Thinkers
ENFJ - The Givers
INFJ - The Protectors
ENFP - The Inspirers
INFP - The Idealists

Here is the link for the test:
Select your gender and begin

Once you have your results go here:
Select your type, for example ENFP, and enjoy your description
It includes best and worst career options for each type

When you're done, come here and share your results
don't worry, every personality type has their "pros and cons" and they are all beautiful

I copy-paste the description from another forum XD

another detailed description of your chosen type of personality:

it's 85% accurate in my case though

and me becoming a dancer isnt a bad thing. i'd want to become a dancer if i could have the chance

other ISTP users:
- bmin11
- SapphireGhost
- deadbeat
- Hula
- XPJ38
- QuartzKua
- Setsuen(could also be an ISTJ)
- Syrus
- jiads
- Tanzuku
- silmarilen
- kriers
- UnderminE
- Chung
- bewaredrev
- Legxis
- nyrox
- - F E J T -
- mekadon

INTP users (The Thinkers)
- GenoClysm
- DaddyCoolVipper
- NarrillNezzurh(could also be an INFP)
- miharu_chan0
- fartownik
- thelewa
- ZenoDiac(could also be an INTJ)
- NotEvenDoomMusic
- MissUnd3rstood
- Suika Ibuki
- Kalas
- Knickerus
- Mirchi
- Falapalagas
- Xanandra
- Worst Loli Ever
- PlasticSmoothie

INTJ users (The Scientists)
- winber1
- kookookook
- ZenoDiac
- Kurai
- Kurangceret
- Lee Soon-kyu
- La Volpe
- Da7shadow
- Yafutsufa
- Dubrix
- Shiroshu
- skiter43
- buny
- JareDeZane
- zKskita
- Galkan
- Seikunai
- 3lliot

ISFP - The Artists
- Mr Color
- XK2238
- Stefan
- Will3x
- Raiken45(could also be an ISTP)
- Yuu-Chii
- LoliFlan
- Kaona
- Rorona
- Peekii
- reddish96(could also be an ISFJ)

ENTJ - The Executives
- Raose
- Scarlet-Lady
- RBRat3

ISFJ - The Nurturers
- ZephyrGalaxy
- Nekoroll
- Kyonko Hizara
- Inori
- Pizzicato
- Seph
- neonat
- warwolfz
- MortalBlade
- Awoken
- Ideolo
- marcostudios

ENFP - The Inspirers
- [ J o j o ]
- dkun
- Jarby
- Elly-chan
- CsavarNat16
- inverness
- Philantropist

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
- CXu
- MetalGearSnake
- Natsu
- Jordan
- Devalix
- Setsuen
- Mianki
- TennisIsBack
- Yukiteru amano
- Elit3noob
- mkbreeg

INFP - The Idealists
- NarrillNezzurh
- deeviluke
- Shinchaechae
- Clestis
- sacchann
- excellionn
- Graafbond
- tieff
- Konei
- Irisu
- satriobp
- Kaeru(could also be an INFJ)
- Dazmi
- -FireThunder-
- _Color
- M0n0chr0m3
- Vainslay

INFJ - The Protectors
- LBlueDust
- Dulcet
- Apex
- Meikyuuiri Tsumi
- Static Noise Bird
- Faust
- boat
- xRa1n
- Lizbeth
- luppi
- Tiisa
- EOHK-Fluttershy
- Starry-

ENTP - The Visionaries
- Mara
- Tuxdude143
- Kyuuto
- Kanye West

ESTP - The Doers
- MMzz

ESTJ - The Guardians
- Keksi
- OnosakiHito

ENFJ - The Givers
- xXStaRMarKedxX
- Derekku

ESFJ - The Caregivers
- Ableh
- Paladin

ESFP - The Performers
- Morgothus

-Seren- wrote:

don't worry, every personality type has their "pros and cons" and they are all beautiful
Every personality has their pros and cons except for mine, of course.

intp masterrace untie

edit: 3 days ago i post this and i just realize i'm first

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i've taken the test for 3x already. Answers were a bit different and i still end up with the same result
i got ISTJ like last year. i took it again like 2 days ago and got INTJ.

There's like four thousand threads of this.

my personailty type changes a lot D: Just now I got an ENTJ :)
the links don't work because you copypasted the shortened versions of them
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^ fix'd

Mr Color wrote:

There's like four thousand threads of this.

i dont know if there's any
I got ISFJ.
J o J o

ISTP, but this was done like 3~4 years ago, so I may be different. It's still pretty accurate.
ENFP. Why am I not surprised? Hahah.
I took a better test before and got INTP.

I don't really like how they're classed as "the thinkers", though- it seems to put them on a pedestal.
ISTP, but I'm always suspicious of these things.
I think I scored this last time I did a similar test a few years ago as well.

DaddyCoolVipper wrote:

I took a better test before and got INTP.

I don't really like how they're classed as "the thinkers", though- it seems to put them on a pedestal.
INTP should be on the pedestal. we dabes and albert einstein was INTP.

In all seriousness, though, albert was INTP and the specifications of the INTP personality type do point torwards thinking and logical perception. I did a long read about it, every test i took told me i was INTP so i'm pretty sure. If you're curious as to why INTP is known as the thinking class, do some reading on it, it will explain itself.
INFP. I think the description is pretty spot on, though a bit exaggerated.

Ooo, I hadn't noticed, I'm exactly 50% F and 50% T. I guess that actually puts me right between INTP and INFP, and that seems perfectly accurate.

EDIT: Did it again and still came up as I N F/T P. Everything was a little different except F/T, which was again 50/50.

It actually describes me really well.
Kanye West
Yasen Baka
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