The Caretaker - B2 - An autumnal equinox

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 5:48:17 PM

Artist: The Caretaker
Title: B2 - An autumnal equinox
Tags: marlon merlone bluirre blu arutama itstwokay its two kay stage 1 everywhere at the end of time classical instrumental ambient slow calm piano Leyland Kirby turntable music hall ballroom dementia experimental In a little second hand store turner Layton & Clarence Johnstone 1933 l&j keysound keysounds keysounding
BPM: 60
Filesize: 11042kb
Play Time: 00:37
Difficulties Available:
  1. stage 1 - bewildered beginner (0.63 stars, 19 notes)
  2. stage 2 - merlone's forgotten easy (0.88 stars, 27 notes)
  3. stage 3 - indescribable normal (1.01 stars, 35 notes)
  4. stage 4 - difficult to grasp (1.49 stars, 50 notes)
  5. stage 5 - arutama's mental derangement (2.05 stars, 52 notes)
  6. stage 6 - bluirre's dwindling memories (2.29 stars, 66 notes)
Download: The Caretaker - B2 - An autumnal equinox
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
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💙 moonpoint 💭 / ❤️ fieryrage 💙

stage 1 - bewildered beginner
stage 2 - merlone's forgotten easy
stage 3 - indescribable normal
stage 4 - difficult to grasp
stage 5 - arutama's mental derangement
stage 6 - bluirre's dwindling memories

descending playfield and cs throughout each stage, also play with beatmap hitsounds enabled to hear keysounds

bg: ivan seal - "beaten frowns after"
other backgrounds from here

upload archive for arutama's diffs

thank yous
this map is very much a collaborative effort <3 thank you to everyone, even if you arent listed below for helping

thanks to everyone who modded, hyped, favorited, played, and helped keep me motivated to push this <3

thanks to meiqth for letting us use their timing and metadata and generally giving us the idea to map a std set of this!

also the taiko set from meiqth

mapping tools is literally a lifesaver in so many ways this map would not be possible without it thank you OliBomby

thank you riffy for (trying to) nominate, helping fix ALOT of this set, and alot of other stuff <3

thx fiery for new timing :>

thank you merlone for gd's, ideas, and being great at helping me make this :3

thank you to bluirre for reaching out and helping us organize this alot better, doing gd's, giving hella good ideas, etc

thanks arutama for gds and also helping with ideas and mods :>

and big thanks to TwoKay for transcribing notes for keysounds (((:

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