Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This one is more fun that the other one I'd say! :D STAR!

01:21:625 - 01:22:356: Suggestion: Fill this space with note in the proper places, just like the old one?
General: Have inherited timing sections for sound added 1/4 before they happen. Maybe have that 0.5x section on the start of the soft part, just suggesting.
Kiai Suggestion: Push the section for Kiai on the stream closer together so it has a continuing effect?

I'm not going to say anything about the hit sounds, since you're probably still adding them.

Heh, once I saw this in the Latest Posts I instantly clicked. :D
/me will probably come up with some difficulty too.

Insane difficulty that is

Not going to star this because it's in desperate need of hitsounds, unfinished, has no background. In other-words, a work-in-progress.

ohshit offset is way off
There ya go: 16.615
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
0_o ah, that's it
anyways, eeemod GO!!!

01:24:53 (1) - extend this further a whole beat
01:26:54 (1) - delete this prior to the above mod, if the above is not done, this can stayz
02:13:497 (timing section) - lands directly on the note with a volume change, move back (even 5 milliseconds) in order to hear the volume intended. I'm guessing it has to be done, cause I've been told not once, but many tine tayneeez. P.S. notes can land directly on a timing section when a kiai section, BPM change, within slider, or spinner, practically anything but a volume change


01:25:26 (1) - begin 1/2 later?
02:50:03 (7) - finish?
02:50:39 (9) - ^
02:50:76 (10) - ^

tis all, starred (even though I would wait 4 a BG, maybe I haven't seen one, idk) doesn't matter, starring anyways
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Thanks eee, made all the changes I think :)
Fine, though spinner after a break some ways through felt weird, but worked.

Normal: Same here. I would move the note before that spinner.

Hard: Increase HP Drain by 1.

Insane: Increase HP Drain by 1.

1 can be replaced by "2" if you so wish in both of those scenarios. However, as is, it's too low in both.

Map doesn't suck. Star! Fun fun fun.
Eh... I think sound effect volume is bit low

Sound effects=WIP?

Sound effect is so low that I can't hear any finish sound effects......
00:53:84 (6) - I can't hear the sound effect.
00:59:69 (5) - Same
01:43:53 (7) - Same
01:46:46 (7) - Same
02:36:14 (7) - Add finish on here. But it's hard to listen.
02:39:07 (4) - Finish


Anyways, your map is fine!
Kudosu star for you ;)
0_o, this is better than the other version :D


02:27:01 (3) - New combo here?


00:41:06 (4) - Move this 1 square down (align with the other notes before :D), then align 5
02:03:63 (4) - Move a bit down, and a bit to the left.
02:04:72 (1) - I think clap doesn't sounds well here


looks fine :D


00:43:43 (4) - Move a bit up

[Insane and Hard]
Kiai after Kiai broke my eyes, but otherwise it's all good.

Solid maps. I like it better then the first. Star for you.

Edit: Forgot to say this, but I feel the hitsound volume is a bit quiet.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Lybydose wrote:


02:08:93 (3) - Slow BPM seems kind of random. Why not make this entire section (between the break and 02:14:95) slow BPM instead of just half of it? hmm, I'll wait for a second opinion here.


00:30:83 (7) - Awkward. I missed this when I played it. Maybe put circles at 00:30:46 and 00:30:64. did something else here
Wow, it's been such a long time since I enjoyed playing osu that much!


What's with the break at 2.09?


Er... you win? Really, really perfect. And I found myself smiling playing it.


1.38.422 - No new combo, put it on the 2?


1.20.884 - Can't help feeling you need a repeat slider here.
1.32.576 - ^^

In my opinion, the half bpm is, in fact, fine. And I rather like the kai... koi... flashy thingies.

Star for you.
set a preview point

01:13:76 (?) - note here?

fine with me

no probs

01:29:28 (10,1) - i don't like this jump
02:02:17 (1) - remove new combo
02:50:03 (1) - ^
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mrtn wrote:

set a preview point done

01:13:76 (?) - note here? nah, I don't want notes 1/2 apart in this diff

fine with me

no probs

01:29:28 (10,1) - i don't like this jump moved it closer
02:02:17 (1) - remove new combo I like it like this
02:50:03 (1) - ^ ^
Find a background, it's necessary to have one for a map to be ranked~ I don't really like your usage of spinners, but that's more to do with the song structure. 02:28:11 - Move kiai to here. 01:36:23 - Remove break.


00:38:50 (1) - Remove new combo.
01:15:03 (1) - Spacing.


00:39:42 - Add circle with clap stacked on previous circle.
00:48:92 - Add circles to the off beat from here to 00:50:01.
01:33:49 - Add circles to the off beat from here to 01:34:22.
01:35:68 - Add circles to off beats, remove break.


Hard's modding.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Only thing I can suggest is make the hit circle bigger. Up to you.

00:41:06 (4) - Spacing,Move a bit to the left and down, going to have to move 00:41:42 (5) - too the left some
A bit too much whistle at the end, starting around 02:28:47 (2) - ahh my earsss

00:50:55 - This could use a note here, it's a hard difficulty. It's doable and sounds better.
01:23:62 - ^
01:37:32 (1,2,3,1) - Make this into a little mini-jump? Starting on the left x-axis, then bottom y-axis, then right x-axis, and ending 1 on the top y-axis where it is now. Space the other ones relative to where 01:38:42 (1) - is. SS under the box

01:38:42 (1) - Mirror this to 01:37:69 (2) - and place 01:38:78 (2) - in the middle, fix necessary spacing on 01:38:97 (3) -
The claps are fine at the end, but the whistle again.. a bit too much I think. my earssssss
All checked and it checks out fine
;-; i was mapping this until the map vanished from the world...

02:07:83 - why is this break here?

02:07:83 - why the break?
02:28:11 (1) - whistle to go with the rest of the phrase

01:20:88 (1,2) - put something in the dead space
break T_T

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