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Low levels are mostly just a cluster fuck with little thinking involved it's like that in every moba unless it's plagued with smurfs *cough* LoL *cough*. I can't wait to start making people rage in leagues with a Fenrir pick every game. Soon™

Also lol.

Edit: some reason the embed messed up. :(
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Siege, bitches. Low levels are really clusterfuck, especially as a smurf. My friend tries to keep highest score by only playing Mercury, and because his casual elo is so high (1 loss out of like 60 games) all he gets if afks, spanish preschoolers that spam jajajaja etc against other smurfs.

The new Arena map looks sick! Current one is just so dark and sad. Anewbis isn't my type, I like his old troll model. He just looks so... cute :$

Ah Puch probably most annoying god ever. They should delay the corpse explosion and nerf his 3 a little bit. Maybe make the ultimate duration shorter. He's easy to jump on but if he's feed, unstoppable.
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oh and lmfao, the outplay was real:
^double post
Ah Puch slow is insane lol other than that he is only really annoying in assault pretty much.

The outplays in this game are always hilarious because everything is a skill shot. I've done something similar when I ran into the gold fury and it aggroed the person who was chasing me which made them back off because that bitch hurts early game.

-SayaKai wrote:

^double post
Problem? His intention wasn't to bump the thread. Kinda pointless to edit your post for something minor after 12 hours.
Ah Puch only as 2 counters.... Isis and Agni
It took me almost 3 years but I finally hit level 30. lol

I think that stems well beyond casual gaming.
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Oh well a lot of games go like that for me. Dota is just derping around for me and my skill level is beyond bronze.

I guess you'll grind some masteries and play Fenrir in ranked?

and yay, I defeated the monster! on my smurf though...
Me playing something else besides Fenrir? lol

Probably not for awhile. Pretty much the only way for me to get masteries at this point is through assault if I am trolling with clan members.
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Yep pretty much the same, I stick to a handfull of gods and just play them over and over. Ratatoskr looks like loads of fun to play (and he's really cute next to that), gonna instalock him at release hehehe.

When you aren't mad that someone dodged lobby in Joust 1v1
Well at the rate of this meta he probably won't be that good.

Guardians and hunters are ridiculously strong right now. They really need to nerf hunter itemization already, nerfing devos and buffing HS did nothing because they need nerfs not nerfbuffs.
Since the E3 is ongoing, Humble Bundle offers a nice bundle for the next two days. If you haven't see yet I strongly recommend to take a look!

The bundle includes beside of Steam games and add-ons a Xbox One Closed Beta key and the Loki Pack for Smite. I won't play Smite so I give these to you. To get one of these two things please contact me via Forum PM what do you want. Don't forget: who comes first served first. I may buy this bundle more than once, so more than two will be lucky.
If I didn't already own the skins I would take you up on that.

I also have a few xbox beta codes as well.
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I'm kinda sad about Ratatoskr. He's really boring to play. New Nox is arguably worse then the old one, her cooldowns are just way to long and her mechanics straight out bad. Her damage easy to avoid. Old Nox maybe needed a small buff on her base damage or ability size, or on the cooldown of her silence. I never played her anyway so w/e.

The announcer packs are pretty cringe worthy atm. Having them as a bit more "human" version of announcer felt really nice to me. Matchmaking is on a new low. They should have never matched this
Used to play smite last year. Im level 28 :( Never made it to level 30 so I can play ranked
I used to play smite but the game bored me because the server it's not good. Too much lag and falls
Well matchmaking is always bad lol.

Also that DDOS attack last saturday. Didn't even know Smite was popular enough to warrant such a thing?
I play this game in periods. Ne Zha is hands down the best god and I absolutely love the character design and his kit overall.

PrinceArua wrote:

I play this game in periods. Ne Zha is hands down the best god and I absolutely love the character design and his kit overall.
Fenrir is the best god. 8-)
is smite good game?, i want to download it but it seems like LoL
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