osu! Beatmapping Contest #4

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There has been some requests on when the next osu! beatmapping contest will be, so without further ado, here is #4!
This one has a couple new things changed from the previous contest, including the song selection to fit a larger audience of mappers to participate, so the team looks forward to seeing spectacular results!

Submission Deadline: 2013, 1st July, 00:00 GMT+0


  1. All mapsets and their respective difficulties must fit all current ranking standards.
  2. All mapsets must contain 3 difficulties.
  3. All difficulties must be mapped for osu! standard game mode.
  4. You cannot submit backgrounds, storyboards, and custom hitsounds.
  5. You are free to submit entries for each category.
  6. No collab maps or guest difficulties. One mapper per entry, please.
  7. Do not post, submit, or otherwise publicly share your map before the contest ends, to maintain anonymity of the entries.
  8. Don't put anything identifiable in the difficulty names of your maps. Use standard "Easy/Normal/Hard/Insane" to keep your entries anonymous.


  1. Song 1: Rooftop Run (Classic)
    Download and enter here!

    Artist: Tomoya Ohtani
    Source: Sonic Generations
    Length: 4:38, 152 BPM*
    Theme: Videogame (Instrumental)

    Youtube Preview

  2. Song 2: Pink Nightmares
    Download and enter here!

    Artist: Infected Mushroom
    Length: 3:20, 144.99 BPM*
    Theme: Electronic (English)

    Youtube Preview (Contest mp3 is shortened)

  3. Song 3: Fuss Fuzz
    Download and enter here!

    Artist: Kurosaki Maon
    Source: Highschool of The Dead
    Length: 2:00, 190 BPM*
    Theme: Anime (Japanese)

    Youtube Preview (Contest mp3 is shortened)


Prizes (awarded per song)

  1. 1st Place "Elite Mapper" title + $50 Amazon Gift Card (Region Negotiable) + 1 Year of Supporter!
  2. Runner up 3 Months Supporter!

If you have any questions regarding this contest, feel free to contact ztrot or Loctav.
Good luck to all participants! I am looking forward to the results to this ~
Good luck to everyone!
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Crank out some really epic maps for everyone to enjoy!
I wish the best of luck to anyone participating!
yay! Good luck everyone
Ok. Ok. Thanks for the wishing of luck to me. I won't let you down ok ok.
I look foward to seeing what everyone can come up with. Give it all you have!
Good luck guys ^^
:-) yay

I wish all participants the best of luck.
Good luck everyone!
I will be looking forward to many different mapping styles! :)
Ca Calne
goodluck for those who participate :3
Kirino Kousaka
Interesting. =w=
Kyoko watari
O.k Good Luck >< :)
Distant years
Yesterday I was like, "Are they ever going to do another beatmapping contest? D:"

This timing is so awesome.

EDIT: ...Is Rooftop Run really 4:38? Why no cut?
Nice :3
Goodluck to all :)
For the rankability of the easiest difficulty in this contest will 3.24 or 3.00 be used?
fuked up timing on fuzz
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