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Welcome to Koro’s Back 2 Skool Tournament

Staff Registrations | Team Registration | Free Player Registration | Discord | Main Sheet

This will be a 1v1 Team Size 2 Tournament! (Stole this idea from Speed of Light Mania Tournament Lucha Libre Edition)
Meaning that, although the matches themselves will be 1Vs1 in format a teammate will be required for this Tournament (More about that in the Rules!)

This will be Ro32 Double Elimination with No Rank Buffer

• Koro's Back 2 Skool Tournament is a 1vs1 tournament, with teams of two.

• The Top 4 finishing teams will be awarded prizes for this tournament which are as follows: 1st place (6 Months and $25 per Player), 2nd place (4 Months Per Player) 3rd place (2 Months Per Player), 4th place (1 Month Per Player)

• Score v2 and No Fail will be used for all matches.

• The beatmaps for each round will be announced by the Map Selectors in a showcase after each stage of the tournament. One tiebreaker will be provided for each pool. This map is only played in the case of a tie with each player needing one point to win.

• Players cannot play more than 3 maps in a row during a match. It is the referee’s job to keep track of this, but as a player it is also important to strategize around this rule.

• In the event of one team member not being present during the scheduled time for their match, the match can be postponed. The maximum time you can postpone a match is 15 minutes

• If there is no referee available, the game will be postponed. This is an extremely rare occurrence, and should not be expected at any point for the duration of the tournament.

• The schedule of each match will be determined by the team captains and posted in the Discord server before 1:00 UTC on the Friday

• If a player is disconnected, it will be treated as a fail. Disconnections within 30 seconds after the start of beatmap can result in a restart. This depends on the referee's discretion.

• Beatmaps cannot be reused in the same game unless the game is invalidated.

• All players and referees must be treated with respect. Follow the instructions of the referees and tournament management. Final decisions should not be challenged.

• Stopping the game by foul play, picking inappropriate warmup beatmaps, insulting and provoking other players or referees, delaying the match or other inappropriate deliberate misbehavior is strictly prohibited.

• Unexpected incidents will be handled by the tournament organizers. Referees may allow greater tolerance depending on the circumstances.

• Penalties for violating the rules of the tournament are irrevocable, and will lead to disqualification of the player.

• All players participating must be in the discord server

Qualifier Procedures

• Teams will sign up for lobbies
15 minutes before the scheduled time the captain will be pinged by the match referee. An invite from the designated referee will be sent out to captains 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

• 10 maps will be played in the format of

• One player from each team will play each map but following the rules of the tournament one player cannot have played less than 3 maps.
(Aka If you have a one man carry team your other teammate is still required to play a minimum of 3 maps more is fine but less and you will not be included in the qualifiers results or the rest of the tournament)

• After all 10 maps were played you're free to leave the lobby and qualifier results will be put out according to map rank.

Match Procedures

• A referee will create a multiplayer room 15 minutes in advance. Players must meet during this period.
The room configuration is osu!standard, Team-Vs, Win Condition: 'ScoreV2'. The room name must be "(KB2ST): (TeamRed) vs (TeamBlue)".

• The team mentioned first in the name of the room must be the red team, the team mentioned second in the name of the room must be the blue team.

• Players are free to select one beatmap per team for warmup. Warmups must not exceed more than 4:00 in length. Beatmaps with questionable, Among Us or explicit content is prohibited. All the beatmaps must be osu! beatmaps specifically, and must be submitted so each player can download it. This is to happen before rolls

• Double picking/double banning is NOT ALLOWED with the exception of No Mod. Double picking (or banning) is picking 2 of the same mod in a row.

• Banning will be used in this tournament. A banned map will not be played in a match once banned.

• Each player must use "!roll" once in #multiplayer. The winner of the roll will get to select choose between 1st Pick 2nd Ban and 2nd Pick 1st ban leaving the losing team with the other. .

• In matches with 2 bans a 1/2/1 format will be used. Meaning that the team with the first ban will ban 1 map then the team with second ban will ban 2 and then the team with first ban bans their second map.

• Beatmap selection will alternate between each player selecting a beatmap from the mappool.

• Freemod will have no mod requirements allowing the player to play nomod if they desire.

• Freemod picks allow the use of NM, HD, HR, FL or EZ (2.24x EZ Multiplier) or any combination of listed mods

• The results of each stage will be posted in the main sheet after each given stage.

Registrations Open – May 31st 2021
Registrations Closed – July 5th 2021
Final Screening Results – July 9th 2021
Qualifiers Pool Release – Saturday July 10th 2021
Qualifier Lobbies – July 17th – July 18th 2021
Ro32 – July 24th - July 25th 2021
Ro16 – July 30th – August 1st 2021
Quarter Finals – August 7th - August 8th 2021
Semi-Finals – August 14th – August 15th 2021
Finals – August 21st – August 22nd 2021
Grand Finals – August 27th – August 28th 2021

1st Place - 6 Months of osu! Supporter, $25 Canadian Dollars Per Player and a custom profile banner

2nd Place - 4 Months of osu! Supporter and a custom profile banner

3rd Place - 2 Months of osu! Supporter and a custom profile banner

4th Place - 1 Month of osu! Supporter

If you would like to signup please use one of the links below!
Staff Registrations | Team Registration | Free Player Registration | Discord | Main Sheet

The Tournament Bracket will be added at a later date.
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NightmareParty wrote:


NightmareParty wrote:

Yes, indeed.......
ohio state university
Joon Yorigami
yo I fall in the rank limit nice
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diorytt wrote:

no fumos allowed
Just inside the rank range its scorev2 time baybee
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prescrxiption wrote:

Just inside the rank range its scorev2 time baybee
no farm or ban
Ill register for this and twilight cup, shouold be fun
Joon Yorigami

nathan1x wrote:

Ill register for this and twilight cup, shouold be fun
should be
time to sign up and see if i can reach 450k before the signups close lol
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