osu!np v2.4: Output /np info + Beatmap Downloader etc

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TheHowl wrote:

play windowed
you can even play better with that imho ;)
It's personnal preference, let's not talk about this here :p
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Please don't go off topic in my thread QAQ

I've fixed the spectating and fullscreen issues in the next version, will update by next week (if I don't get lazy T^T).
Fullscreen issue obviously requires msn live display option checked, it additionally enables output on menu/map selection as well (these will be optional outputs with ability to set different formatting).

Otherthan that, not sure if I'll add anything else to next version, just doing this because people keep pestering me o3o
I cant get it to work on my PC...i changed my root folders and everything but it just wont work )): can you set up a video tutorial or something LOL it'll be easier to follow imo
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What doesn't work exactly, too vague~ o3o
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Updated to V2.4 with the following changes~
  • ★ Implemented method to automatically find the osu! directory for default config.
    ☆ Fixed error when checking for map while spectating.
    ★ Fixed full screen issue by implementing alternative method of finding map, this new method is enabled by default and can be configured on the 'Output' tab of the config. (Requires the 'Integrate MSN Live Status Display' option to be enabled in osu!)
    Additionally, this new method supports finding the map playing on menu/beatmap selection which can either be output to a new file or override the idle message of an existing output.
    Note: When clicking the Start button with this new method, the output will only start updating after first beatmap selection. Additionally, previous output will not yet function.
    ☆ Fixed issue that could cause directories to not set correctly.
    ★ Updated the application icon to be less confusingly similar to the osu icon~ (Squares o3o)
    ☆ Small Hotfix: Fixed updating issue that would occur if you renamed osu!np.
There may have been more changes, but I forgot. QAQ There was going to be a lot more, but I just wanted to get an update done to fix a few important things quickly so I ended up removing a lot of what I've done for this version.
I also removed my improvements for POST method output, may get back to it eventually.
There may also be a few things broken with this update, I don't tend to test things. o3o
Yes indeed it may be broken. Sadly when I updated I get a wall of text (which I assume is an error code) and it does not start. :(
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I didn't mean that type of 'broken' o3o
It's working for other people I've tested it with.
Try removing the config folder (AppData/Local/Primpri) so that it can start with default settings, might be conflicting with something.

If anyone has issues, I'd prefer if you PM me (on the website, not in-game).
Also for whatever reason, Chrome may warn that the file is malicious, here's the VirusTotal analysis showing that it's clean.

Some people have contacted me about issues relating to not knowing about the new output method.
So I'll just make it clear: On the Output tab, the new MSN Live display method is enabled by default, it requires the "Integrate msn live.." option in osu! to be enabled.

Another issue is updating from 2.3, in some cases it may cause an access denied exception, you'll need to download 2.4 manually instead, this issue is fixed in 2.4.
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Next version will probably be final version, and it will finish implementing localization (finally)~ >w<
Someone trolled the localization Google spreadsheet, but I have restored it now, please report troll revisions to me.
You can help with localization here. (It's currently a bit outdated/incomplete, may want to wait until I finish adding the English locale)

Expect next version in the coming week or two, been pretty busy with game development lately but I'll get it done whenever I can. \ o 3o/
- Marco -
Primula's account is deleted now ç__ç
Got some kind of bug I guess (?)
It does appear on my taskbar but when I press it, just doesn't open.

Elric wrote:

Got some kind of bug I guess (?)
It does appear on my taskbar but when I press it, just doesn't open.
Rename the file called osu!np that you launch into something like osu!np1. That should fix the issue.
Does anyone know why Primula got removed? I guess this won't be update anymore now that he/she is gone.
Well I can't download osu!np because mediafire link is broken.
Can some one upload it for me pls ?
take it: however, is not the last version. and why is primula banned??

Zeugmax wrote:

take it: however, is not the last version. and why is primula banned??
Ikr, I asked her on the stream, and she didn't answer.
I guess I got banned lol
Can anyone help me on how to setup the osu!np directory and output please?
So this won't update anymore?
Dead Link
well RIP....
Answer to why This project is not updated can be found @
I heard your osu! account was suspended and the links for osu!np are now gone...
Do you mind shedding some light on what happened or is it a more personal matter that shouldn't be shared? I'm unaware of what happened, I stopped playing osu! on the 14th June because I was busy doing other things. The only times I played during this break were a couple casual sessions of multi with a friend who also livestreams (mari_mari_angel). I returned to playing for a couple hours on 14th July, of which I streamed on my Twitch livestream, you can find the vod of that stream here
I went to sleep after streaming then woke up to my account being restricted.

The only thing of which changed from my regular streams of osu! was having AutoHotkey open - of which I have a script that allows me to set window sizes (I use it for setting the size of things like Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator). I assume osu! flags AutoHotkey because it can potentially be used to auto hit circles. Here's the script:

My experience with osu support was pretty terrible.
After my first two E-Mails were ignored, they finally responded to my 3rd stating they are "not at liberty to share any information" regarding my account's closure and to appeal in 6months.
When I pressed on after another one or two ignored E-Mails, they told me to "go find another game to play". I stopped giving a damn about my account at that point because I'm not going to deal with a childish "support" team.

My profile is only visible to me, there's a red banner which states my account is in "restricted mode", which is an apparent "automated process" which "will resolve itself within 24 hours".. it's been a lot more than 24 hours.

I'm not willing to continue to share my projects with the osu community until my account is back to normal (if ever). I don't feel something I've worked hard on should be available to a community that I'm not welcome to be in, I would delete the topics as well if I could, but being restricted prevents me from editing anything.
i can guarantee you they were not incorrectly removed from this community. whether you buy into their lies or not is up to you.
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