Hitsounds copier 2.1.1 [now with osu!mania support]

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You know, I'm really a lazy guy and making hitsounds is a big pain in the bottom for me.
So I decided that instead of adding all that stuff in every diff, I'll just make hitsounds for one diff and will copy them to others.

New version: 2.0!
I wasn't really satisfied with the previous program, it was made in Delphi and it was very slow and buggy, so I decided to remake it in C++.

— Features — 
  1. Copies all the hitsounds from one diff to another. Copies claps, whistles, finishes, sampleset and addition setting for every matching note.
    And now it copies them a lot faster.
  2. Copies volume settings from inherited timing points. It moves hitsound volume and sampleset settings (green lines) without changing slider speeds of the diffs.
  3. Copies storyboarded hitsound samples. It doesn't check for dublicates, so better to be sure your diff didn't have storyboarded samples already.
  4. Supports osu!mania. As well as custom samples and volumes from Sample import menu. Sometimes hitsounds in mania can not be copied, only if there is not enough notes for them in the second diff. The program will try to combine as much hitsounds as it can (note with soft clap + note with soft whistle = note with soft clap+whistle), but if it can't (soft whistle can't be combined with normal clap) one of the hitsounds may not be copied. Still it works fine enough for mania so far.

If you catch any bugs, post them in this thread or send a pm to me. Attach your two .osu files too, so I can debug it.

Download link here (v. 2.1.1)

08.05 18:33: 1.0 Some tiny interface changes.
09.05 0:29: 1.1 Important bug fix.
09.05 1:10: 1.2 Fixed wrong delimiter error.
09.05 1:56: 1.3 Added spinners. I forgot about them, lol.
10.05 11:37: 1.4 Important bug fix.
10.05 20:50: 1.5 Added files drag and drop functionality.
14.05 19:23: 1.6 Fixed a small bug that broke the program in some rare cases with spinners
01.12 17:11: 2.0 Total rework from scratch
05.12 20:06: 2.1 Bug fixes
05.12 21:50: 2.1.1 Tiny fix
I love you.
I agree!

Edit: Wow Millhi you edited my post ;____;
grumd, marry me
Sounds really interesting, gonna try this later.

Kurai wrote:

I love you.
Awesome! I will use this sometimes for sure.
So, how is this gonna work? What if all of my diff have different rythim, will it work? o.o

Edit : And yeah, a screenshot will be nice too o/
Will try this as well.

Gabe wrote:

Kurai wrote:

I love you.
This is freakin' awesome
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Miya wrote:

So, how is this gonna work? What if all of my diff have different rythim, will it work? o.o

Edit : And yeah, a screenshot will be nice too o/
If your maps have different rhythms, it will obviously work. Example: If first diff has a slider with 2 whistles and second diff has two circles at same place, both circles will receive whistles.
And if you tried to download the program, you'd see that screenshot is unneeded. The program is really tiny, nothing to show on the screenshot.
Well, just for you:
This really should be in the editor.
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