Looking for a 7k mania skin

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basically just need a skin with these properties:
1. not weeb
2. no over the top hit lighting
3. no obscuring combo number
4. clear division between each lane
5. lanes are colour coded (i don't care too much)
6. play area is wide
7. somewhat simplistic
You'll likely be able to find something in here community/forums/topics/794279 that fits all these things, just make sure it has the mania symbol next to it.
If the bars aren't already wide, you can change this in the skin.ini file located in the skin's folder. Edit it, then go to the [Mania] section, then go to the "Keys: 7" section, and edit the values of "ColumnWidth:" to somewhere around 45 - 50. So for example ColumnWidth: 50, 50, 50, 50 is what I use for 4k. then press save and reload the skin :)
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the skin i'm trying to change doesn't have a mania section in the skin file, but it does have a couple of other files named 4K - 8K but when i change the column width in the 7K file, it doesn't change the skin

it's actually a very good 7k skin but the whole play area is black and i can't immediately tell which lane a note is in
Ah i believe skins dont support the seperate mania ini files anymore. If you still want to try, underneath everything else in the main skin.ini type:
Keys: 7
ColumnWidth: 30, 30, 30, 30
Adjust the values to what you want and then save it :)
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