Should i release my osu skin?

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hi, uhhhh so it was last week i finally finished a map i was working on and i used my custom skin to showcase it on youtube and i saw a comment saying "whats the skin?" and well its my own private custom skin, i did however make a public version of it but i'm waiting on some answers from here so its not public public yet but it is downloadable, is where the comment is
Well you haven't listed any reasons not to release it so..?

Edit: Except I'm mostly sure that's a mixed skin, so don't release it here! :)
If you want to release your skin in this "Skinning" subforum, please read this rule before doing so: community/forums/topics/318193

Other than that, feel free to share through your signature, your userpage or even a friendly website you can trust.
Feel free to upload it! Unless if it's a mixed skin, you cannot send it here, but you could do it anywhere else (userpage, bio, other website, etc)
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